Length: 4,895 mm
Width: 1,930 mm
Height: 2,050 mm
Wheelbase: 2,920 mm
Boot capacity: min. 463 litres - max. 2,035 litres

The Ineos Grenadier is a vehicle that became famous before it even came onto the market. In fact, it was Jim Ratcliffe's idea:"Nobody makes an authentic 4x4 anymore." Unlike many enthusiasts, however, Ratcliffe is the founder and director of Ineos, the world's third-largest petrochemicals group.

True to the motto "want is power", the Ineos Grenadier was created from synergies and collaborations with Gruppo Carraro, which specialises in off-road vehicles, for the rigid axles, with Magna Steyr, Brembo and Frap for the suspension and steering and with BMW for the drivetrain.

Ineos Grenadier: la prova del 4x4 fatto alla VECCHIA maniera

The Ineos Grenadier in its natural habitat


Although the Ineos Grenadier was supposedly - and not without controversy - inspired by the Defender, it has its own dimensions. The length is 4,895 millimetres, the width, excluding the rear-view mirror, is less than 2 metres at 1,930 millimetres, while the height is 2,050 millimetres. At 2,922 millimetres, the wheelbase is just under 3 metres.

In view of its pure off-road capability, other off-road geometry data is also worth mentioning:

Ineos Grenadier  
Slope angle (front) 35.5°
Ramp angle 28.2°
Slope angle (rear) 36.1°
Ground clearance 264 mm
Wading depth 800 mm
Angle of inclination 45°

Spaciousness and luggage compartment

The idea behind the Ineos Grenadier is to buck today's trends in terms of design and ergonomics. In fact, the Grenadier is not without a large number of knobs and buttons to control life on board and beyond. The aim was to create a cockpit similar to that of an aeroplane: Manual settings for off-road use, such as the differential lock, are located above the head.

The space is really great, apart from the rather high entrance. The five-seater version seats three people comfortably on the rear bench, but there is also a seven-seater version. There is also plenty of head, knee and foot room.

Ineos Grenadier

Ineos Grenadier – der Kofferraum

Ienos Grenadier (2024)

Ineos Grenadier mit verschränkten Starrachsen

The rear bench is split 30/70. The load compartment has 12 lashing points, can be quickly washed with water without getting the rear seats wet and is equipped with a pre-wired auxiliary battery as an optional extra. In the five-seater version, the volume starts at 1,255 litres and even increases to 2,088 litres when the seats in the first row are folded down. The loading sill height is quite high at 899 millimetres, as is the height of the load compartment, which reaches 1,047 millimetres.

Two engines are available, both from Munich. The power units are BMW 's turbocharged 3.0-litre in-line six-cylinder engines with the designations B57 for the diesel and B58 for the petrol engine. The petrol engine produces 286 PS at 4,750 rpm, with a maximum torque of 450 Nm. The diesel has an output of 249 PS and a torque of 550 Nm.

Both engines are equipped with an 8-speed gearbox from ZF. Specifically, this is the ZF8HP51 gearbox for the petrol version and the ZF8HP76 gearbox for the diesel version, both of which have been recalibrated to enable faster gear changes, even in the order of 200 milliseconds.

Engine Power and torque Fuel consumption Transmission Powertrain
BMW B58 286 PS / 450 Nm Petrol ZF 8HP51 8-speed All-wheel drive
BMW B57 249 PS / 550 Nm Diesel ZF 8HP76 8-speed All-wheel drive

Competitors of a similar size

When we talk about the Ineos Grenadier's competitors, there aren't many variables at play: size, proportions on the one hand, price on the other. In between, there is the technical variable of the ladder frame. So the alternatives are not very numerous:

Model Length (in metres)
Land Rover Defender 4.58 (90s), 5.02 (110s), 5.36 (130s)
Mercedes-Benz G-Class 4.60
Jeep Wrangler 4.88
Ford Bronco 4.80

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