A tank turn – or, a rapid spin in place driven by electric motors – is one of the most incredible things an EV can do. Mercedes-Benz added to the spectacle by getting four EQG prototypes to do synchronised 360-degree turns, or G turns as the German brand calls them, on the Las Vegas Strip during CES.

The EQG can accomplish tank turns thanks to using an electric motor to drive each wheel. By applying forward or reverse power to each corner, depending on what side of the vehicle you're looking at. This allows the SUV to rotate on its axis.

Gallery: Mercedes-Benz EQG At CES

While this is a publicity stunt, it's quite an impressive one. The drivers get the timing right so that they're rotating in roughly the same direction simultaneously. The real-world application of a tank turn is a bigger question. When off-roading, it could be somewhat useful to rotate the SUV a few degrees if the trail is particularly tight.

Before the Rivian R1T's launch, the company showed it doing tank turns. However, the automaker didn't put that function on the production model. Company CEO RJ Scaringe said in 2023 that the reason for dropping it was potential environmental destruction.

So far, there's no indication that Mercedes plans to make a similar decision and remove the tank turn ability from the production EQG. A public display like the one in Las Vegas suggests it could even be a marketing point for the model.

Mercedes hasn't done much to hide the EQG. The development vehicles wear a light camouflage wrap that doesn't conceal the vehicle's appearance very well. The company also makes it clear that the SUV uses an independent front suspension and rigid rear axle. It rides on a body-on-frame platform specifically for EVs and uses carbon-kevlar underbody panels to protect the drivetrain components.

Powertrain specifics aren't available. The four electric motors reportedly make between 600 and 670 bhp. An optional lithium-ion battery pack with silicon anode chemistry would be available to provide a greater range that's possibly more than 300 miles, which would be impressive for a powerful, boxy electric SUV.