Someone's new year isn't off to a good start. We aren't just talking about the owner of this sixth-gen Ford Mustang, seen here with its backside sticking out of a house in Indianapolis, Indiana. Presumably, somebody lives there, and now there's a gaping hole in the wall roughly one metre up from the ground. And yes, the fact that the house is on Shelby Street isn't lost on us. 

This crash occurred on 5 January at approximately 1:00 pm local time, according to the Indianapolis Fire Department. Responding firefighters found the driver still inside upon arrival. Photos show the car neatly wedged in the side of the house, albeit a few feet in the air.


According to a Facebook post by the fire department, the Mustang was the only car involved. The driver was able to exit under his own power, and went to the hospital for evaluation. There was no mention of anyone being in the building, so despite the vehicular carnage, there appear to be no notable injuries. The department says it doesn't know how the crash happened, and that Indianapolis police are investigating.

Indianapolis Metro Police Department was not able to provide any additional information when reached by Motor1. A call to the Indianapolis Fire Department referred us back to the police, so we're left with what we see in the photos.

Mustang Crash

Scuff marks on the embankment clearly show the Mustang's path, but it must have been going pretty quickly to end up through the wall. And though it's off the ground, we suspect that could be the result of hitting something pretty darned solid inside. The view from the back shows the pony car sitting on some kind of platform, likely the floor of the house. We can also see from this angle that it's a GT. But the real mystery is all the damage on the right rear quarter panel. It wasn't caused by the house, and the road sign we see on a Google Maps screenshot of the area is still in place. We have many unanswered questions.

Shelby Street In Indianapolis

If we get more information on how this happened we'll jump in with an update. But with law enforcement in Indianapolis currently mum on the subject, we aren't optimistic. At least there were no major injuries in this melee, but we suspect the Mustang could be down for the count.