Honda EVs will be getting a fresh logo. The company is updating its iconic "H mark," which has been used continuously on all of its cars since 1981. The new logo — which Honda says represents "two outstretched hands" — is a thinner, minimalist version of the current H, minus the trapezoid border.

This new logo bears a striking resemblance to Honda's first logo. Introduced in 1963 (which can be seen below in the historical timeline), the original H featured a similarly thin, top-heavy design, albeit one that was wider rather than taller. That logo was only briefly used in America on the first car the company sold, the 1969 N600, before the badge was redesigned in 1969.

Honda logos through the years

Honda will debut its new H logo on future 0 Series electric cars. The 0 Series is a lineup of next-gen, clean-sheet-design EVs that will be introduced to American buyers starting in 2026; those cars will also get their own unique branding, seen below.

The first two 0 Series vehicles are concepts called the Saloon and the Space-Hub, a saloon and a van that share a similar futuristic wedge-shaped exterior. The Saloon, Honda has confirmed, will inspire a future production model for American streets; that'll likely be the first time the new H emblem could be seen on US roads.

New Honda EV logo
Honda 0 logo

There's no word if this new "H" will be paired with the spelled-out Honda badging on the back of the company's upcoming EV SUV, the Prologue, or if the Prologue will get the new badging with a later facelift. Honda also hasn't intentionally played up the parallels to the company's first car logo, but with the resurgence of nostalgic nameplates getting revived both at Honda and elsewhere, we can't help but wonder if callback advertisements or models are in the company's future.