The powerful Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast and snow is something that we haven't seen much yet, but here it is—a Tesla Cybertruck in snowy weather, making donuts and doing some launches.

According to TheStradman's video, initially, it was hard to make any Cyber donuts with the Tesla Cybertruck (see at 7:39), despite the traction control being off. We assume that aside from the all-wheel drive and all-terrain tyres, the rear-wheel steering did not help (it's great for parking and manoeuvring in tight spaces though). 

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The Tesla Cybertruck deliveries started in November and as more and more vehicles are delivered to customers, we also see more reviews, tests and some fun videos. In the near future. we might see some decent comparisons with other all-electric pickups, related to range, charging, off-road, and towing or hauling.

Later on, the team tried to "shift" all the power of the all-wheel drive powertrain to the rear, which essentially means that front motor deactivation (kind of) and minimum Stability Assist. That helped a lot to spin the Cyberbeast (see at 9:10), but it appeared that the vehicle was cutting the acceleration a bit, thus interrupting the fun.

Next were the launch tests in the Beast mode, which means full power output and the lowest ride height setting (at 10:18 in the video).

In optimum conditions, the Tesla Cybertruck is promised to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds (with rollout subtracted), compared to 4.1 seconds in the case of the regular AWD version (without rollout). In snowy weather, it obviously is not possible to accelerate that quickly, but the Cybertruck still moves off the line rather fast.

The most interesting part was the side-by-side launch of the Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast against a Ram TRX pickup (see at 11:28), which wasn't able to jump ahead as quickly as the Cybertruck and maintain the acceleration rate.

In the second round, the Ram TRX seemed to start first gaining some initial advantage, but even then, once the Cybertruck started to accelerate, it passed the TRX in the blink of an eye.