Ford is looking for a new owner for its Saarlouis factory, and Dacia keeps the new Duster relatively affordable.

For Sale: Ford Saarlouis Factory Where The Focus Is Built

Ford killed the Fiesta in 2023 and it'll discontinue another iconic car in 2025 when the last Focus will roll off the assembly line. While the Cologne factory where the Fiesta was made is being turned into an electric manufacturing hub, the future is uncertain for the Saarlouis factory where the Focus calls home.

The assembly plant located in the German state of Saarland exclusively produces the Focus, making it imperative to find a new partner to sustain operations beyond 2025. According to reports from the DPA news agency, there is a glimmer of hope as an investor in the automotive industry is allegedly interested in taking over once the current contract expires.

America sadly never got the final-generation Fiesta, nor the Focus. The Blue Oval gave both the ST hot hatch treatment, plus a Focus ST estate. Ford even launched a diesel Focus ST.

The New Dacia Duster Is Still (Relatively) Cheap

2024 Dacia Duster

The third-generation Dacia Duster is not as cheap as it used to be, but still a bargain compared to fancier compact crossovers. Renault's low-cost division has announced pricing details for its no-frills SUV, starting from as low as €18,800 in its domestic market Romania and £17,295 in the UK.

Even the most expensive one with all the bells and whistles and a hybrid powertrain only costs €26,650 (£25,395 in Duster Extreme Blue dCi 115 4x4 trim in UK). The new Duster also looks far more modern and rugged than its predecessor and has true off-road capabilities with a 4x4 setup and a short first ratio. However, you can’t combine an automatic transmission with the all-wheel drive setup. In addition, the third generation has dropped the diesel engine.

You can read all about the new Dacia Duster here.