The only thing better than owning an Aston Martin Valkyrie is having its roofless counterpart parked in the garage as well. That must have been on the owner’s mind when they forked out the money to buy one of the Valkyrie Spider examples to complete the family portrait. A new video shows the dynamic duo at a dealership in the UK together with a couple of other cars.

The achingly beautiful DB5 grand tourer – one of the only 887 coupes to be built – joined them under the same roof at the showroom in Nottingham. There was also an "intruder" in the shape of a Ferrari Daytona SP3, capped at just 599 units. Yes, the car belongs to the same person who owns the three Aston Martins. The Valkyries are even rarer since the Gaydon-based marque is making just 150 coupes and 85 spiders.

In a world dominated by grey and black cars, we're delighted to see the vibrant colours for the two Valkyrie cars. The coupe is boldly painted in Sunburst Yellow while the spider keeps it classy in British Racing Green. Both cars look fast standing still, courtesy of a wild aerodynamic package that makes you wonder how Aston Martin even managed to make the hypercar road-legal.

Speaking of attaching a number plate, there’s a third Valkyrie flavour not made for public roads. Limited to 40 units, the AMR Pro is a track-only variant with the same naturally aspirated V12 engine built by Cosworth but without the hybrid component. It too delivers four-digit horsepower even after dropping the electric bits.

The Valkyrie is one of the few new cars with real Formula 1 DNA, along with the Mercedes-AMG One. The development phase for both had its ups and downs, forcing the companies to delay the start of series production. Those who find these two vehicles overly intricate and are looking for an old-school experience likely prefer the Gordon Murray T.50. I'd personally get the McLaren F1's spiritual successor since it has a manual and weighs practically nothing.