By 2030, Jaguar Land Rover, also known as JLR, plans to launch up to nine 100% electric models, including the entire future Jaguar range, which will become a fully zero-emission brand well before that deadline, but also new models that will be integrated into the offerings of the new Range Rover, Defender and Discovery brands.

Among the factories set to support this evolution, alongside historic plants such as Solihull, Coventry and Halewood, is Slovakia's newest and most modern plant in Nitra, which will be transformed into an electric SUV and off-roader factory in the coming years.

Home of the new Defender

Jaguar Land Rover Slovakia was founded in 2015 in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, followed by the groundbreaking of the new plant in Nitra, the capital of the region of the same name in the west of the country.

The complex, built with an investment of £1.3 billion, more than €1.5 billion, occupies an area of 300,000m2, completed in 2018 and earmarked for the production of the Discovery V, whose production line was moved from Solihull, and the new Defender which arrived in 2020.

La fábrica de Jaguar Land Rover en Nitra
La fabbrica Jaguar Land Rover di Nitra

In fact, Nitra has grown at the same rate as the Defender, which is built there exclusively. Its success and the expansion of the range to three variants (the latest, the eight-seat 130) has seen the workforce grow from an initial 1,500 to as many as 5,000, shifts increase from two to three and weekly production from 2,000 to 3,000 vehicles, bringing total production to 365,000 units, five years after opening.

La fábrica de Jaguar Land Rover en Nitra

El taller de carrocería de la planta de Nitra

La fabbrica Jaguar Land Rover di Nitra
La fabbrica Jaguar Land Rover di Nitra

Efficient production

The highlight of the Nitra complex is the adoption, for the first time in Europe, of Kuka's carrier system PULSE (Propulsion Using Linear Synchronous Energy).

This is an innovative electromagnetic drive solution that speeds up body production and sub-assembly by up to 30 per cent, while reducing the associated energy costs. 

La fabbrica Jaguar Land Rover di Nitra

Land Rover Defender 130 in production at Nitra

This was followed by a further €60 million in digitisation technology and the construction of additional buildings. In 2023, JLR announces a new £15 billion (€17.3 billion) investment plan for the electrification of its range and factory conversion, although initially the distribution of the new electric models is only partially formalised.

La fabbrica Jaguar Land Rover di Nitra

Electric variants of the Ranger Rover and Range Rover Sport, as well as some Jaguar models, are destined for Solihull, while details for Nitra have yet to be announced, although logically they should be variants of models already built here, namely Defender and Discovery.

Nitra factory fact sheet

Opening 2018
Ownership Jaguar Land Rover
Location Nitra, Nitra Region, Slovakia, Europe
Total area 300.000 m2
Employees approx. 5,000
Production capacity 150,000 vehicles per year
Other activities -
Models currently produced Discovery V, Defender
Most important historic models produced -
Upcoming models New electric range (2025)

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