Toyota and Suzuki have been successfully sharing models and platforms in certain European markets and India, resulting in a relationship that has bolstered both companies' market presence. Notably, the RAV4 is sold as the Suzuki Across on the Old Continent and a few other products have been rebadged both ways, but it turns out some of the most storied nameplates won’t be shared.

A recent report suggests that Toyota's aspiration to introduce its own versions of the Suzuki Jimny and Swift has hit a roadblock. While the companies have collaborated seamlessly on other models, Suzuki has expressed a steadfast reluctance to share the two models, citing their integral role in the company's DNA and the risk of diluting their iconic status if branded with the Toyota insignia.

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“It’s like asking Toyota to let us badge engineer the Land Cruiser. Models that are at the heart of our brand are not meant for sharing and both companies respect that,” a company representative told Autocar India.

Sources within Suzuki have disclosed that Toyota expressed a keen interest in “badge engineering” the Jimny, envisioning it as a more affordable 4x4 alternative to its larger and more expensive crossovers and SUVs. Despite the Jimny's recent sales showing a decline after an initial surge, Suzuki reportedly remains firm in its decision not to share the model with Toyota merely for volume enhancement.

Similarly, the Swift has been deemed off-limits for the collaboration. Despite Toyota's interest in acquiring the hatchback, Suzuki contends that models integral to its brand identity are not to be shared.