We all thought the name of Alfa Romeo's urban SUV would be Brennero. There was even a teaser that seemed to confirm it through the coordinates of this Alpine pass. However, it won't be called that. Instead, the manufacturer has officially announced (this time without leaving any room for doubt) that it will be called Alfa Romeo Milano.

A name chosen to pay homage to the city that in 1910 saw the birth of the brand, whose logo contains two symbols that also graphically link it to the Lombard capital: the cross and the snake.

The first image of the vehicle shows nothing of it, as it is completely covered with a tarpaulin. To see it without camouflage we will have to wait until April 2024, when it will make its world debut. Guess where?

Alfa Romeo Milano, what we know

Our recreation (attached in this news item) aims to preview the vehicle's aesthetics, so don't miss it. The SUV will measure around 4 metres in length, like its 'cousins' Jeep Avenger and Fiat 600, with which it will also share the CMP platform, compatible with electric and combustion engines.

Alfa Romeo Milano teaser

Alfa Romeo Milano teaser

The Milano will be the first 100% electric Alfa Romeo, a first step towards the brand's electric conversion by 2027. In all likelihood, it will use the 154 bhp Stellantis mechanics and 54 kWh gross, 50 kWh net, for a range of approximately 249 miles (400 km). 

This will be followed by the 1.2-litre turbo petrol block with light hybridisation and 99 bhp. In the future, more powerful engines could arrive, but we will have to wait for some time to confirm this. 

The design of our recreation is based on some leaked photos without camouflage, so it is a very real preview. The front end will have the traditional triangular grille, with horizontally developed light clusters. Overall, the car looks sporty, but very different from the Giulia, Stelvio and Tonale.

Foto - B-SUV Alfa Romeo, il render di Motor1.com

Alfa Romeo Milano, our rendering

All we're missing is the Milano's interior, although in this case we expect a trim partly borrowed from that of the Avenger and 600, with a large central monitor for the infotainment system and digital instrumentation. 

Future with homage to the past

The name of the Milanese capital is nothing new for an Alfa model. In fact, with its arrival in the United States, the Alfa Romeo 75 was renamed Milano, giving a more Italian touch to the first Alfa model exported across the Atlantic.

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