This Audi test car is an unusual sight in that it features real exhaust tailpipes, i.e. it is powered by a combustion engine and forgoes the increasingly alternative electric drive. 

Just as the new A4 Avant will become the A5 Avant from 2024, the successor to the A6 Avant will be called the A7 Avant. The explanation? From now on, at Audi, electric models will have even numbers, whilst combustion engines will be named with odd numbers.

Gallery: Audi A7 Avant spy photos, December 2023

Eye-catching lamps

Despite the camouflage, the front end bears a certain resemblance to the aforementioned A5 Avant, which you can see below in a highlighted link. Of course, the large Audi single-frame grille remains, but flattened and widened.

Also clearly visible are the flush door handles, which should benefit aerodynamics. The rear end is surprisingly bold (by Audi standards): the visible lights have downward extensions integrated into the tailgate. 

One thing is certain: the A7 Avant differs significantly from the A6 Avant e-tron, which was already shown as a concept car. Although Audi has not opted for such marked design differences as Mercedes-Benz with the E-Class and the EQE, neither has it opted for a twinned look like BMW with the 5 Series and the i5.

Audi A7 Avant Erlkönigfotos, Dezember 2023
Audi A7 Avant Erlkönigfotos, Dezember 2023

By 2025

A striking feature of the A7 Avant is the roofline, which is quite flat towards the rear. It's still too early to know the engines, so let's take a look at the current range: 261 bhp petrol engines (45 TFSI), plus the 50 TFSIe and 55 TFSIe (55 not available in UK) as plug-in hybrids with 295 and 362 bhp. Diesel engines are currently available between 201 bhp (40 TDI) and 339 bhp in the S6 TDI.

The aforementioned S6 TDI is likely to be omitted in the A7 Avant, while we foresee widespread use of 48V technology and possibly even more plug-in hybrids.

The question of how Audi will reposition the RS 6, which currently has up to 621 bhp, remains unanswered. We will have to be patient, because it is likely that the new Audi A7 Avant will not be on the market before 2025.

Gallery: Audi A7 Avant spy photos, December 2023

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