What is a Final Destination moment? The specific definition varies slightly, but generally speaking, it's about cheating death. This video from 404 Photos on YouTube is a perfect example, as it shows a Land Rover sliding off the road in dramatic fashion, inches from a cliffside.

The video description gives us a location of Town Creek Road near Dahlonega, Georgia. Checking into Google Maps, we see that is in the far northeast part of the state, in the southern portion of the Appalachian Mountains. A post from 404photo on Reddit confirms this particular Land Rover – a second-generation Discovery – has been spotted off-roading in the area and is seen "stuck all the time." We know nothing about the driver, save for an apparent lapse of judgement regarding speed and the cornering capability of their SUV on wet roads.

Land Rover Discovery Skid

The short video shows the white Disco already sideways as it enters the frame. The camera car slows as the Land Rover driver corrects, then overcorrects, and skids sideways to a stop on the shoulder. The rear tyres are literally on the edge of the hill, and then it briefly rolls backward. Just when you think it's going over the side, the driver stomps the brakes. It's about as close a save as we've ever seen, but alas, the adventure doesn't end there.

After taking a few moments to assess damage done to the SUV, the driver attempts to reenter the road. In theory it should be easy — this is a Land Rover, after all. Surely it can just slip back onto the asphalt, but either the ledge is steeper than it looks, or there's something big stuck under the SUV. It rolls forward in four-wheel drive then abruptly stops. The video ends with the front wheels spinning, the backs still precariously close to the edge.

According to the Reddit post, this incident happened on 9 December. Fortunately, it looks like there were no injuries. This clip is a good reminder to always be mindful of road conditions. It looks like the SUV driver was just going too fast for the damp asphalt. Stay safe out there, everyone.