The Tesla Cybertruck has huge potential for personalisation, and the EV maker is the first to know it, which is why it has released a wide range of accessories for its wedge-shaped electric pickup truck.

But Tesla is not the only one trying to make a buck off Cybertruck owners who wish to make their truck stand out even more. Leading Tesla aftermarket specialist Unplugged Performance has already unveiled its lineup of accessories for the Cybertruck, marketed under the UP Invincible product line.

Tailored exclusively for the Cybertruck, the off-road and overlanding accessories are designed to make the electric truck more robust and capable in a variety of challenging environments, according to Unplugged Performance.

The lineup is varied and includes heavy-duty steel bumpers and rock sliders, carbon fibre body panels, high-output LED light bars, lift kits, new wheels including a purpose-built beadlock wheel, underbody armour, ingenious bed storage solutions, MOLLE panel designs, and more.

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Unplugged Performance said the full product range will become available in early 2024, although limited quantities of select products will begin shipping at the beginning of December for early Cybertruck adopters.

Looking at the list of accessories on Unplugged Performance's website, the most expensive by far is the 2.5-inch lift kit that costs $9,995 (approx. £8,000) and translates into up to 19.5 inches (49.5 centimetres) of ground clearance—compared to 17 inches (43 cm) stock. The company claims the kit leaves the Cybertruck's air suspension functionality and optimised suspension geometry intact while improving the approach, departure, and break-over angles.

Also bound to catch the attention of off-road enthusiasts are the chassis-mounted heavy-duty bumpers made from high-strength carbon steel. Priced at $3,995 (£3,200), the rear unit is said to improve the departure angle and comes with a hardcore trailer hitch receiver, Hi-Lift jack points, recovery points, and LED Flood Lights.

The front unit costs $2,995 (£2,400) and comes with two 11-inch (28 cm) LED lights, integrated Hi-Lift jack points, and recovery points; it is also said to improve the approach angle.

The Tesla Cybertruck's appearance can be further enhanced with front and rear carbon fibre wing/fender flares. Priced at $2,895 (£2,300), they are made of pre-preg carbon fibre with an ultra-durable proprietary prepreg Kevlar backing. These add-ons increase the width of the Cybertruck by 1.18 inches (30 millimetres) on each side while retaining the full functionality of the camera systems and the charge port. As a bonus, the magnetic charge port cover's backside comes with an integrated bottle opener.

Other accessories that will be hard to ignore include the carbon fibre bonnet system with 50-inch (127 cm) LED light bar ($1,995)(£1,590), heavy-duty front bull bar ($1,995)(££1,590), heavy-duty roof rack set ($1,995)(££1,590), and heavy-duty rock sliders ($2,795)(£2,230).

Something that won't be obvious to onlookers but will give the owner added peace of mind when off-roading is the underbody armour ($2,295)(£1,830) made of heavy-duty steel plates in a multi-piece ribbed design.

Unplugged Performance also plans to offer Cybertruck-based police and military vehicles in the future through its UPFit division. No details about these variants are available yet, though.