It's trendy to joke about Mustangs crashing, but this person followed the golden rule by taking it to the track instead of racing on the street, so don't be too hard on them. Mishaps can occur with any car, and by racing at the track. The only casualty here is a sixth-generation Mustang. The driver was okay, and nobody else was involved. We can respect that.

This unfortunate outing occurred at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. We don't know exactly when, but it appears to be a test-and-tune night with simple heads-up racing. The Mustang and its competition – a C7 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 according to the Wheels YouTube channel – roll to the starting line with zero people visible in the far bleachers. A lack of spectators is common during such events, or it may have been a private track rental.

Ford Mustang Drag Strip Crash

Neither car does a burnout, which may or may not be a contributing factor in the crash. Doing a smoky burnout with street tyres can actually make traction worse, and there are other variables like track temperature and surface prep that all factor into starting-line grip. We don't know what kind of tyres this Mustang had on the back, but the wheels look different and those hides look pretty wide. That suggests something track-oriented, and that could definitely lead to traction issues without a burnout to heat them up.

And there are traction issues. Both cars show quite a bit of wheelspin off the line, but the Corvette pulls out to a quick lead. It's hard to tell if the Mustang driver ever has grip, but there's no missing the back end stepping out to the left just a few seconds into the race. A quick correction is made, but the car spins in the other direction and hits the wall hard. After a few moments we see the driver exit the car.

We also see an Instagram tag for Mayos5.0 on the Mustang's side window. The account features several photos that appear to show the car in question; we messaged the account with our condolences and to see if there's more information on exactly what went wrong. We will jump in with a response if we hear back, but for now, we're happy everyone walked away without injury.