The Toyota 2JZ family of 3.0-litre inline-six engines is famous for its robustness, and that lets tuners push the output to ludicrous levels. We don't generally see front-wheel-drive vehicles using this powerplant, but this heavily modified Toyota Starlet making over 1,000 bhp proves it's possible, and the results can be fantastic. 

Even a brief glimpse shows that this Starlet and its engine are far from stock. For example, the body has a significantly widened front track, and big, slick tires fit into the broadly flared wings/fenders.

The 2JZ engine looks like a perfect fit between the shock towers. A huge turbo is directly behind the powerplant, and a stubby exhaust sticks out of the bonnet. The car uses a dogbox transmission that allows for quick shifts without using the clutch.

Team Ø.G.T from Denmark owns this Starlet. The crew shipped it to Malta to compete in the MDRA Finals. This video captured the car's impressive performance there.

While front-wheel-drive vehicles usually suffer on the drag strip, this Starlet is dialled-in. Team Ø.G.T's best quarter-mile attempt in Malta had the little Toyota clocking a time of 9.123 seconds at 169.21 mph (check out the timing slip below). The car also completed several other runs in the nine-second range.