With the new ZR-V hybrid and the electric e:NY1 now on the market and the latest generation CR-V, for the first time also 'on tap', already available to order from the autumn, Honda has strengthened the core of its offer and in fact the main novelties for 2024 seem to be focused mainly on other markets such as China and the United States.

In fact, the company's plans speak of an ambitious plan to expand the electric range with no less than 10 models to be launched by 2027, but it has not yet been indicated which and how many of these will arrive in Europe, with rumours pointing to a medium-compact SUV to flank the hybrids as the most likely. In addition, the recent Prelude concept also fuels anticipation for a sports car, which, however, should not be battery-powered.

Here, then, are Honda's new arrivals in 2024:

Honda Prelude

Let's start with the most fascinating hypothesis: when presenting it at the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo a few weeks ago, Honda called this concept the 'prelude' to a new electrified model, specifying afterwards that it would not be electric but hybrid anyway.

Honda Prelude Concept al Japan Mobility Show

Honda Prelude Concept at the Japan Mobility Show

Apart from its appearance, the future Prelude coupe, which will take the place of the classic model that was discontinued in 2001, is known to retain front-wheel drive, but for now there are no other details even on the possible origin of the petrol engine+electric. The final version could debut during 2024. 

Name Honda Prelude
Bodywork Coupe
Engines petrol hybrid
Arrival date Second half 2024
Prices -

Honda e:NS2

The name is provisional, in fact it is taken from one of the prototypes shown by Honda last spring to present the new platform and electric brand with which the company intends to attack the electric market in China. In Europe, with the arrival of the e:NY1, an electric derivative of the HR-V, the company has approached the medium-compact SUV segment and should now be ready to move to the next level.

Prototipo Honda E:NS2

Honda e:NS2 Prototype

The shapes are similar to those of the other e:NP2 concept, suggesting two models with slightly different spirits, probably SUVs and SUV-Coupés, although both had shapes more akin to the second type.

Name Honda e:NS2 (provisional)
Bodywork medium-compact SUV
Engines Electrics
Arrival date Mid-2024
Prices to be announced

Honda CR-V

The sixth generation Honda CR-V was introduced last autumn with the novelty of the dual hybrid powertrain, which for the first time also includes a plug-in variant. The dimensions are generous. The length is about 4.70 metres, the width 1.86 and the height 1.68, the wheelbase is longer. The luggage compartment ranges from 587 to over 600 litres, and the most spacious is the plug-in due to the battery layout itself

Honda ZR-V e Honda CR-V: ibridi full hybrid e plug-in

Honda CR-V 2024

In detail, the e:HEV version combines an Atkinson cycle 2.0-litre petrol engine with an electric one for a total power output of 186 bhp  and 335 Nm of torque, the batteries have 1.7 kWh capacity. The plug-in hybrid version with a battery capacity of just over 17 kWh promises around 82 km of range in EV mode.

Name Honda CR-V
Bodywork SUV
Engines petrol hybrid and plug-in hybrid
Arrival date Late 2023-early 2024
Prices €49,900 to €59,900

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