From sports car to SUV. This is the story of the Ford Capri, which after more than 50 years is ready to return to Europe in a new guise. Once known as a more compact, European alternative to American muscle cars, the modern Capri's formula is a child of the times.

Its evolution to a family SUV is scheduled for 2024, but we've tried to stay ahead of the times, giving you a glimpse of what the new Ford could look like with our rendering.

Sporty look

Our graphic reconstruction is based on early spy photos from the last few months and an important first detail, namely that it will most likely be based on Volkswagen's MEB platform.

Although Ford has not yet made the name 'Capri' official, many are betting on a return to the historic name. However, as mentioned above, don't expect a full-blooded sports car, but an SUV more similar in lines and philosophy to the larger models in Volkswagen's ID family.

Ford Capri (2024), la recreación de

Ford Capri (2024), la recreación de

In principle, this model should share some aesthetic elements with the electric Explorer, but in a more aggressive key and with coupe touches, all for the benefit of aesthetics and, above all, aerodynamics, with the possibility of obtaining some extra kilometres of autonomy. Also exclusive to the Capri are the main headlights, the design of which was revealed in a teaser in recent months.

The link to the ID.5

The coupe-like SUV proportions should "stretch" the Capri to just over the Explorer's 4.46-metre length. Thus, the new Ford could be closer to 4.6 metres and thus represent a kind of 'cousin' of the Volkswagen ID.5. Similar to the Wolfsburg model could also be the powertrain, with a 77 kWh battery and versions with one or two electric motors.

SUV eléctrico de Ford, fotos espía

El nuevo crossover eléctrico de Ford, foto espía.

A range of around 311 miles (500 kilometres) is expected, while the engine range remains rather difficult to predict. If the adoption of a 201 bhp variant seems plausible, much less so a 295 bhp variant, which on the ID.5 is called GTX to reinforce its sportiness. Does Ford want to offer something similar using the GT or RS badge? We'll just have to wait a few more months to find out.

In the meantime, we can imagine that the list price will be slightly higher than the Explorer, with a range that should be around €47,000-50,000 (£40,000-£43,000).

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