The end of the year is approaching and, as tradition dictates, the Pirelli calendar arrives. This 2024 edition of 'The Cal', which is the 50th, is called Timeless and has been presented in London.

An event that has been repeated since 1963 and which this year featured the photos of Ghanaian photographer Prince Gyasi, who immortalised famous people, such as Naomi Campbell, and the king of the ancient Ashanti empire (West Africa), Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, and his court, to show that colour "lives" in Black Africa too.

Colour in Africa

As mentioned above, the name chosen for the Pirelli 2024 calendar is Timeless and the aim is to portray the sense of community and colour that runs through the continent, as hope for the future.

During the launch of the 2024 calendar, Prince Gyasi himself told CNN:

"I will continue to tell the stories of the Jamestown boys and Ghana in general. People need to know the culture and our history. As a visual artist, I think what I need to do is to re-introduce Africa to the world, taking the negativity out of the images and showing the positive side".

Gyasi's images have always celebrated childhood, parenthood and education (or lack thereof), emphasising the vital role it can play in helping the underprivileged rise out of poverty.

Gallery: The Cal, the Pirelli Calendar 2024

Prominent personalities

Many of the snapshots were taken in the city of London itself, creating specific sets for the occasion. For example, the company said a live performance by Nigerian singer-songwriter and actress Tiwa Savage was arranged for the shoot.

Other artists photographed included actor Idris Elba, Golden Globe-winning actress Angela Bassett, British director, singer-songwriter and music producer Jeymes Samuel and many other notable personalities.

Gallery: The Cal, the Pirelli Calendar 2024