Raise your hand if you saw this coming. We've published our fair share of spy shots with 2024 Panamera prototypes in the lead-up to Friday's reveal but all of them have depicted the regular saloon. Well, it's technically a hatchback, but that's beside the point. Our fears have been founded because Porsche has officially dropped the estate. With the third generation of its executive car, the Sport Turismo is sadly not coming back.

The disclosure was made by a Porsche spokesperson in an interview with Automotive News Europe: "In China and the U.S. – our main markets in the D segment – the Sport Turismo plays only a minor role. For this reason, we have decided to discontinue this model variant with the launch of the new generation."

Exactly how weak demand was is not known because the sales charts have shown combined deliveries of the Panamera across all versions. However, Autocar has it on good authority the take rate was below 10 percent. Consequently, it's no wonder Porsche didn't bother to do another generation of the long-roof model.

Going forward, the Panamera will only be available as a hatchback alongside a long-wheelbase Executive model with a more luxurious rear compartment offering greater legroom. It will be the last generation to come with combustion engines, and while a full EV isn't planned since it would clash with the Taycan, the new model does have four plug-in hybrid variants.

Speaking of the Taycan, you'll have to switch to electric power if you want a Porsche estate. The EV is not only sold as a Sport Turismo but also as a slightly more rugged Cross Turismo. Should you prefer ICE without leaving the Volkswagen Group, the Audi RS6 Avant might fill the void. Elsewhere, there's a new AMG E63 Estate on the horizon, not to mention the return of the BMW M5 Touring.