The Vision Gran Turismo programme, a collaborative effort between automakers and PlayStation, has been a source of excitement for gaming and automotive enthusiasts alike. This innovative initiative allows manufacturers to showcase their creativity by designing (mostly) virtual hypercars exclusively for the Gran Turismo video game series. One of the latest additions to this illustrious lineup is the Genesis Vision Gran Turismo, and a new teaser video confirms its debut on 2 December.

The short teaser video provides glimpses of the virtual hypercar tearing through an empty track with grace and speed. Unfortunately, not much can be seen from the vehicle as it passes through the screen for fractions of a second. Also, it’s worth pointing out that what you see in the video isn’t actual in-game footage.

Genesis, the luxury vehicle division of Hyundai Motor Group, has a history of introducing interesting concept cars that blend modernistic design and cutting-edge technology. One such example is the Essentia, unveiled in 2018, with a full carbon fibre body. This concept car turned heads with its sleek, aerodynamic profile, and futuristic scissor doors.

Building on this tradition of unveiling futuristic concepts, Genesis surprised the automotive world with an off-road concept, revealed just yesterday. This unexpected adventure vehicle was developed in cooperation with Germany’s Delta off-road specialist company. It is not slated for production, though it is based on a standard GV70 SUV with modifications coming from the tuning firm.

Back to the Vision Gran Turismo programme, a myriad of marques have already contributed to this virtual automotive showcase, each presenting their own interpretation of what the ultimate hypercar should be. Most recently, Ferrari’s contender made its debut about a year ago and appeared not only as a fictional car in the Gran Turismo game. The Italian supercar manufacturer also displayed a full-size car at its museum in Maranello.