In October, the European car market (EU+UK+Efta) grew substantially, registering a growth of +14.1 % compared to the same month in 2022. With 1,039,253 registrations, it was the fifteenth consecutive month to end with positive values.

In addition, some of the major markets ended the month with double figures: France closed with +21.9 %, Italy with +20 % and Spain with +18.1 %. Germany, a little against the tide, did not rise instead more than 4.9%. 

Since the beginning of the year, all markets on the Old Continent, with the exception of Hungary, have been in positive territory. Once again, the largest markets are leading growth: in cumulative terms, Germany is at +13.5%, France at +16.5%, Spain at + 18.5% and Italy at +20.4%.

Electric cars outperform diesel cars

In October, electric cars gained 15.2% share (in the same month in 2022 they were at 13.4%) and outperformed diesel-powered vehicles, which stopped at 10.6%. Electrics also outperformed diesel models overall, establishing themselves as the third largest energy source behind petrol and hybrids. 

Tesla SEXY Supercharger

A Model S and Model 3 charging at a supercharger.

Returning to the October mix, petrol cars dropped from 36% to 34.1%, while hybrids, which continue to expand, narrowed the gap to 28.7%.

Market shares by fuel in October 2023

  • Petrol: 34.1%.
  • Hybrid (HEV): 28.7%.
  • Electric (BEV): 15.2%.
  • Diesel: 10.6%.
  • Hybrid plug-in hybrid (PHEV): 8.6%.
  • Other: 2.8%.

Who's up and who's down

In October, the carmaker with the strongest growth was Tesla, with +209%. Other strong performers were Jaguar (+90%), smart (+76.9), Honda (+72.2%), Suzuki (+68.2%), Lexus (+59.4%), Jeep (+59%) and Porsche (+53.1%). However, the worst performing brands include DS (-23.6%), Ford (-12.2%), Mitsubishi (-6.9%) and Volkswagen (-5.3%), all with negative values.

Jaguar E-Pace R-Dynamic Black Edition (2021)

Jaguar is among the manufacturers with the strongest growth in October. Here is the E-Pace R-Dynamic Black Edition.

If we look at the data from the beginning of the year (January-October), Tesla is the only one with triple-digit growth (+100%). Behind Elon Musk's brand, Alfa Romeo (+66.6%), Lexus (+63%), Suzuki (+45%) and smart (+37.3%) stand out in terms of growth. Not doing so well were Mitsubishi (-25.8%), Honda (-13.4%), Jaguar (-3.6%), Fiat (-1%) and Citroën (-0.4%). 

Up Down
  • Tesla (+209.9%)
  • Jaguar (+90%)
  • smart (+76.9%)
  • Honda (+72.2%)
  • Suzuki (+68.2%)
  • Lexus (+59.4%)
  • Jeep (+59%)
  • Porsche (+53.1%)
  • Cupra (+42%)
  • Land Rover (+37,1%)
  • DS ( -23.6%)
  • Ford ( -12.2%)
  • Mitsubishi (-6.9%)
  • Volkswagen (-5.3%)

Group rankings

The situation is different if we look at market share, with the Volkswagen Group firmly in the lead again in October with 24.8%, followed by Stellantis (17.4%), the Renault Group (9.9%), Hyundai-Kia (8.6%) and Toyota, which including Lexus stands at 7.2%.

The order of the leading groups does not change even when looking at the data from the beginning of the year. The Volkswagen Group continues to lead with 25.8%, followed by Stellantis (17.1%), the Renault Group (9.6%), Hyundai-Kia (8.8%) and Toyota (6.9%).

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