The interior of the Tesla Cybertruck has been revealed in a video that Tesla doesn't want you to watch. Tesla is apparently going to revoke your invite (if you happen to have one let us know by contacting us at to the Cybertruck event on 30 November if you share this video.

Over on X, Jeremy Judkins posted the video, which originally aired on TikTok. Judkins notes that he isn't attending the Cybertruck event so he's got nothing to lose and impressions to gain.


Up until now, the interior of the Cybertruck has been mostly off-limits in regard to taking pictures or capturing video. The exterior, on the other hand, is fair game. It's not clear who captured this video, though we do know that it was first posted by @teslatowntexas on TikTok.

There's not much we can conclude from the numbers on the truck's display either but feel free to speculate away. What we can see is the screen's user interface and an interior that looks rather stark.

We get a good look at the rear seating area of the Cybertruck with the seats folded up and what appears to be a cover for the truck. Also, we see the tonneau cover in action once again.

Take a look at the videos and see if there's anything that catches your eye.