Mocked by Shakira in a song some time ago, the Renault Twingo has been a key model for the company. Especially with the first generation, a small MPV with small exterior dimensions and upper class interior space. A model that has come to the present day with the second generation, mechanically related to the smart forfour and also available in a 100 per cent electric version. For her, the time for retirement is near. But it will not be goodbye.

Today's news, in fact, is that the Renault Twingo will return in 2025 as a purely and exclusively electric car, based on a platform dedicated to EVs and developed by Ampere, the business unit set up to design, develop and produce the Group's EVs. But what will delight those who loved the little French car is its styling: the little car from Lausanne will return as a small MPV. 

Here is all we know.

The past returns

In recent times, Renault has been engaged in a massive nostalgia operation, first dusting off the Renault 5, which is set to return as an electric car in 2024, and the Renault 4, which will follow the same fate. As the saying goes, there is no two without three and in this case the "three" is represented by the Renault Twingo.

A comeback that reinterprets the shape of the first generation, with a small MPV body and soft lines accompanied by exquisitely modern elements such as the LED lights, the design of which echoes that of the original Twingo in its entirety. Then there is the logo in the centre of the front bonnet, replaced by a small OLED screen. It is a safe bet that this will not be present on the standard version.

Nuova Renault Twingo

New Renault Twingo

Standard version? Yes, because the Twingo that debuted today at the Capital Day dedicated to Ampere is only a concept. Beware though: the shapes will remain unchanged. In this case, its prototype status means that there is no mechanical information.

We only know that the platform will be the new Ampere A, developed in-house and dedicated exclusively to 100% electric models. No multi-energy philosophy then, as done by models from other groups.

Nuova Renault Twingo elettrica, il debutto della concept

Renault Twingo 2025

Renault Twingo (1993-2007)

Renault Twingo (1993-2007)

Renault Twingo Electric

Renault Twingo Electric

Attack price  

The most interesting fact, however, concerns the price of the new Renault Twingo: once on the market (we speak of 2025) it will cost less than €20,000 (approx. £17,500). For comparison, the current electric generation starts at €24,050, the Clio at €17,250.

Based, as mentioned, on an all-new platform called 'software defined', where software and hardware will be intertwined and OTA updates will be dedicated not only to infotainment but to every aspect of the car, the new Twingo promises an average consumption of 10 kWh per 100 km. Autonomy has not been declared, nor has performance.

Renault Twingo elettrica 2027

New Renault Twingo electric car Luca De Meo

It will make massive use of recycled and recyclable materials, use 50 per cent less materials than an electric SUV today, and will emit 75 per cent less CO2 in its life cycle than an average car sold in Europe today. Finally, it will be Renault's first electric car to integrate the Vehicle to Grid (V2G) functionality to feed energy into the grid at certain times, autonomously choosing the best time to recharge the batteries.

What is Ampere

The new Renault Twingo will therefore be an Ampere project. But what is it all about? It is one of the pillars of the Renaulution signed by De Meo, the new division (operational from 1 November 2023) of the Renault Group dedicated to the design, engineering, production and sale of electrics and software. 

A business unit that will develop the AmpR Small and AmpR Medium platforms dedicated to battery-powered cars for the B (small) and C (compact) segments. 

Gallery: New electric Renault Twingo, the debut of the concept