California-based Karma Automotive has previewed its first all-electric models, the Kaveya coupe and Gyesera saloon.

The former is expected to become the brand's flagship when it goes on sale in the fourth quarter of 2025 while the latter is projected to debut a year earlier – in the fourth quarter of 2024. Here's what you need to know about Karma's first BEVs.

Both vehicles are part of Karma's relaunch and rebranding as a more upmarket EV brand that will have an 'ultra-luxury vehicle lineup.'

Described as an 'EV super coupe GT,' the Karma Kaveya features a low-slung body with butterfly doors, sporty bumpers, a low, curved glasshouse, slim headlights and taillights, and a deployable rear spoiler.

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The 187.7-inch long vehicle is said to feature aluminium spaceframe construction with carbon fibre body panels and aluminium SLA (Short-Long Arm, or double wishbone) suspension. Despite that, it's not that light at an estimated curb weight of 2,400 kilograms (5,300 pounds).

The Kaveya will be available in two versions with more than 250 miles of range: a 536-bhp rear-wheel-drive variant expected to debut in Q4 2025, and a 1,180-bhp all-wheel-drive variant expected to arrive a year after that.

Thanks also to a combined torque of 1,270 pound-feet, the Karma Kaveya flagship targets a 0-60 miles per hour acceleration in under 3 seconds and a top speed of over 180 miles per hour.

Both Kaveya variants will be powered by a 120-kilowatt-hour battery pack enabling a charging time of 45 minutes from 10 to 80 percent state of charge.

"This is Karma's flagship, setting our corporate direction for the future," said Marques McCammon, Karma President. That's about all that Karma was willing to disclose about the Kaveya so far.

Karma Gyesera Electric Sedan Coming In Q4 2024

Moving on to the Gyesera, it will be Karma's first all-electric 'touring saloon.' The company has shown only two teaser photos of the vehicle, which appears to sport a similar design language to the Kaveya and a coupe-like profile. However, Edmunds claims it will essentially be an all-electric variant of the revived Revero that's coming in Q3 2024.

The Karma Gyesera will feature a rear-wheel-drive electric powertrain with 590 bhp and 693 pound-feet of torque, which will enable a 0-60 time in under 4.2 seconds and a top speed exceeding 135 mph. It will get the same 120-kWh battery as the Kaveya and a similar range of over 250 miles.

The electric saloon is 5,080 millimetres (200 inches) long – 102 mm (4 inches) longer than a Tesla Model S – and is said to feature similar construction to the Kaveya consisting of an aluminium spaceframe body with carbon fibre and aluminium body panels, and aluminium SLA suspension. It also tips the scales at 2,400 kilograms (5,300 pounds).

We also learned from the press release that it will feature an 11.6-inch infotainment screen, in case that's something you wanted to know.

"There is so much more coming to market from Karma. Today, Gyesera is just a preview, with full details available as we step into 2024," said McCammon.

Both vehicles are designed by a team led by Michelle Christensen, a 20-year industry veteran. She is best known for leading the design of the second-generation Acura NSX supercar.

Of course, all of this sounds good, but whether or not Karma has the power to bring these models to market is a completely different discussion.

The company owned by China's Wanxiang Group claims it will debut new products and concepts every six months starting in Q3 2024, when it plans to bring back the Revero plug-in hybrid saloon – aka the rebadged and modified Fisker Karma.