British engineering and Italian styling are coming together next year because the Morgan Motor Company and Pininfarina are partnering on a vehicle. Unfortunately, we won't get to see the machine until 2024. It'll be part of Morgan's celebration of 115 years in business.

The image above is of the Super 3, not the upcoming collaboration between Morgan and Pininfarina. The companies didn't release any images of the vehicle coming in 2024.

While we don't know what the vehicle looks like yet, Morgan says the model is part of a "limited run of individual commissions." This means only a handful of these Pininfarina-designed machines are hitting the road. There's no indication whether any of the cars are still available or if all of them already have buyers.

"Coachbuilding goes to the very essence of creating a car and is something that we have nurtured and protected at Morgan," company CEO Massimo Fumarola said in the model's announcement. "The shared passion between Morgan and Pininfarina is clear, and we look forward to sharing much more with our community in due course."

Pininfarina has been a coachbuilder since 1930. The company is best known for its work with Ferrari, including iconic shapes like the 1980s Testarossa and 599 GTB Fiorano. However, the company has also collaborated with a wide variety of automakers ranging from Ford to VinFast.

Gallery: One-Off Morgan Plus Four Spiaggina

This won't be Morgan's first limited-run model. In fact, the company has introduced a few of them in recent years. For example, the Plus Four Spiaggina (pictured above) debuted in March as a vehicle without doors and a roof that hinged upward for occupants to climb into the machine. The cabin featured woven leather upholstery on the centre of the seats and a teak wood cargo floor.

Gallery: One-Off Morgan Super 3 By Orlebar Brown

The Super 3 in collaboration with swimwear brand Orlebar Brown (above) was another wild one-off. It featured an attachable fabric roof and luggage racks on each side of the body. The cabin had Khaki Sand technical fabric upholstery.