We're willing to bet this tuned Suzuki Jimny is the most adorable vehicle you see today. The company Damd takes the pint-sized SUV and makes it look like a rally-ready Mercedes-Benz G-Class. The machine goes by the name Little G Traditional because something so cute deserves a tough-sounding name.

The complete kit comprises 10 pieces. There's a new grille with horizontal slats, and headlight covers with a thin vertical mesh in front. The redesigned bumper has blocky styling and amber, rectangular fog lights below the main lamps. The revised bonnet adds little lights to the corners, and they have their own protective covers in case you're taking this Jimny on an off-road excursion.

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Damd's Jimny wears a massive set of side mirrors, so there should be no problem seeing what's behind you. The tuner also adds new lower mouldings. A cute decal on the doors shows a camel in profile with the word "Traditional" beneath the dromedary. Mud flaps behind the wheels make the machine look more off-road capable.

It's not part of the standard kit, but Damd shows off the Little G Traditional with a roof rack with wood accents on the front and sides. It adds to the tiny SUV's rugged appearance.

The only change to the rear is a new bumper that has a blocky appearance. Its short height exposes the rear suspension components.

Damd charges the equivalent of £1,840 (340,000 yen) for the entire kit. Getting it painted adds £410 (76,000 yen) to the cost.

Damd Traditional G Suzuki Jimny Body Kit
Damd Traditional G Suzuki Jimny Body Kit

The company also offers interior upgrades (see above). There are wine red plaid seat covers that add a major pop of colour to the cabin. There's a blue and grey version of this pattern for folks seeking something more subtle.

Damd doesn't touch the Jimny's powertrain. In Japan, the little SUV comes with a turbocharged 658-cc three-cylinder engine making 63 bhp and 71 pound-feet of torque. All of the models come with four-wheel drive and the choice of a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic gearbox.