Mini has launched the new John Cooper Works Countryman. The automaker revealed the battery-electric version earlier this year, but the JCW variant still packs a combustion engine. The third-generation model has less horsepower than the outgoing hatchback but an all-new design that emphasises its larger footprint.

Under the bonnet is a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine and the brand's ALL4 all-wheel-drive system. It makes 296 bhp and 295 pound-feet of torque in the UK. The previous-generation variant made 302 bhp and 331 lb-ft of twist.

Gallery: 2025 Mini John Cooper Works Countryman

The new Countryman can hit 62 miles per hour in 5.4 seconds while on its way to its 155-mph top speed. High-performance brakes, finished in Chili Red, keep everything under control. The car's tyres are wider, measuring 245 millimetres, and fit on exclusive 19- and 20-inch rims.

The Mini's new design has an octagonal grille finished in high-gloss black flanked by sleek LED headlights. It features a redesigned John Cooper Works badge that the automaker finished in black, red, and white. The striking C-pillar, finished in Chili Red on this example, is hard to miss, while new vertical taillights accentuate the rear. 

A round OLED display dominates the centre of the dashboard, with a row of toggle switches underneath to control the essential vehicle functions. A red-and-black colour scheme adorns the dash, door panels, and sport seats.

The new Countryman will support Level 2 driving through the optional Driving Assistant Professional Package. The vehicle has 12 ultrasonic sensors and four surround-view cameras, with the system allowing drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel on certain routes at speeds of up to 37 mph. The system requires the driver to pay attention to traffic and to be ready to retake control.

The Mini Experience Modes are new, which drivers can select through the infotainment screen. It allows drivers to pick specific backgrounds and sounds to create a unique driving ambience. It has a Go-Kart mode that simulates the engine sound inside the cabin, while the Mini projector on the back of the OLED screen can paint the dash in unique colours and patterns.

The 2025 Mini John Cooper Works Countryman is larger than the model it replaces. It'll have a starting price over £40,000. The first examples will begin reaching dealers in first quarter 2024.