As the much-awaited Tesla Cybertruck delivery event on 30 November is approaching, the American EV maker is apparently experimenting with different interior options for the yet-to-be-shipped all-electric pickup.

We’ve already seen several so-called release candidate (RC) units with an all-black interior, but a recent drone video shot by longtime Gigafactory Texas follower Joe Tegtmeyer shows that Tesla made at least one attempt at creating a semi-white interior, with white door cards and a partially white dash, which should make people who consider an all-black cabin a bit too boring happy.

With this being said, the seats of the spotted pickup are still black, as opposed to the Model Y crossover which comes with white seats, a white trim on the dash, and a white headliner. The door cards on the Model Y are still black, though, and considering that Elon Musk said the Cybertruck would be a utilitarian vehicle, maybe it makes sense to keep its seats black to keep stains and streaks out of sight.


This isn’t the first time when a pre-production version of the upcoming truck was seen with a black and white interior. Back in May, during the company’s annual shareholder event in Texas, somebody managed to climb inside the Cybertruck that was put on display outside the building and shot a POV-style video, giving us a short but detailed look at the EV’s cabin, including its updated steering wheel, which was a combination of a yoke and a traditional wheel.

The aerial photos come right after we got a close look at a matte black Cybertruck driven by none other than Tesla’s design boss Franz von Holzhausen to a cars and coffee event in Malibu. It didn’t leave a great impression.