Lexus continues to enrich its already substantial product range, exploring hitherto unpublished segments, at least as far as European markets are concerned. By 2024, Toyota's luxury brand will in fact occupy two somewhat opposing portions of the market with rather interesting models.

On the one hand, we will have a new 'base' model represented by the LBX, its new B-segment SUV, while on the other hand the imposing LM MPV will arrive, aimed primarily at the luxury commuter and chauffeur-driven rental sector, but which could also be an interesting offering for those with large families.

There could also be minor updates to models already in the Lexus configurator, although so far the only one we know of is the LC coupé.

These are Lexus' new models for 2023

Lexus LBX

Those who thought there would be nothing smaller than the NX in Lexus' future were wrong: Toyota's luxury brand is following at a distance from its parent company, at least when it comes to SUVs, offering derivatives even in popular segments where premium products are actually rarer.

This is the Lexus LBX, a derivative of the Yaris Cross but with a chassis and 'look' more in keeping with the brand, which will arrive in dealerships in the spring of next year.

Foto - Lexus LBX (2023) Photogallery - Immagini

Lexus LBX 2024

The Lexus LBX measures 4.19 metres long, 1.83 metres wide and 1.59 cm tall, with a wheelbase of 2.58 metres. Overall, it is slightly larger than the Yaris Cross, although its boot has a slightly smaller capacity of 332 litres. The redesigned interior has a 9.8-inch central display. The full hybrid powertrain still consists of a 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine and an electric motor for the 2WD version with a second unit, at the rear, for the AWD variant, although it is more powerful at 134 bhp, compared to 114 bhp for 2WD.

Name Lexus LBX
Bodystyle SUV
Engine Petrol full hybrid
Arrival date Spring 2024
Price N.D.

Lexus LM

At the other end of the LBX spectrum is the Lexus LM, a large, luxurious MPV measuring more than 5 metres, 1.9 metres wide and almost 2 metres high, with an interior that can be converted into a real living room with a 48-inch screen and a thousand passenger comforts. This is the second generation of a model that was initially offered in the Chinese market, but now, with the new generation, is also coming to Europe, including the UK.

Lexus LM

Lexus LM

Lexus LM

Lexus LM, el interior

Of course, the engine is also full hybrid and follows the pattern of models such as the NX, consisting of a 2.5-litre four-cylinder Atkinson-cycle engine with 187 bhp and 239 Nm of torque combined with a 184 kW electric motor. The maximum output of the system is 247 bhp. Current 2023 UK prices start at £89,995 and an AWD version costing £92,995. In 2024 for mainland European markets it will be available with a standard seven-seat version costing €135,000 (approx. £117,000) and a super-luxury version with just four seats costing €155,000 (£134,000).

Name Lexus LM
Bodystyle MPV
Engine Petrol full hybrid
Arrival date Early 2024
Price From €135,000 to €155,000

Lexus RC 2024

The mighty RC coupé, the only non-hybrid model in the Lexus range which is only sold in the RC F version with 458 bhp V8 engine, is expecting some minor updates in the first half of 2024. This model is no longer available in a few European markets such as Spain, where the only coupé on sale is the LC.

Lexus RC 2024

In the specific case of the F, there are no mechanical updates, but there is talk of new wheels, a wider range of colours and updated safety features included as standard in the Lexus Safety System package+ 2.5. As a reference, the 2023 prices start at £76,560 and go up to £93,310 for the Track Edition. Expect the 2024 prices to be bit higher.

Name Lexus RC
Bodystyle Coupé
Engine Petrol
Arrival date First half of 2024
Price N.D.

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