Parking and leaving a car exposed to the elements for years often leads to major issues. Rust is just one possible problem as gaskets will also deteriorate and fluids can leak out. But not every car forgotten in a field is destined for the crusher, as a new video shows an old Mercedes 200D W124 starting and driving again after sitting for eight years. 

The diesel saloon has seen better days, but it’s not a lost cause after travelling 178,830 miles (287,800 kilometres) in its life. The engine bay is dirty, but not destroyed, even with a missing battery and some unconnected hoses. The engine still has oil in it, even if it is quite dirty, and the air filter is surprisingly clean. 

Some fresh fuel and coolant and a new battery is all it takes to get this rescued Mercedes running again. It starts right up like it was waiting to be driven again despite sinking into the ground. contacted the creator to learn more about the car’s recovery. 

The cabin is dirty, with the various switches inoperable and covered in grime. The seats aren’t ripped apart, and the windscreen wiper works with the right amount of motivation, but the shifter is a bit stiff. The interior is nicer than its rusting exterior.  

The high-pressure wash removes a lot of the grime, but not all of the imperfections now embedded in the paint. Some body panels are still a bit cruddy, but the lack of dirt on the white exterior emphasises the remaining rust spots that plague the boot lid, rear fascia, and bonnet. Some of the trim is also starting to fall off.

A clogged fuel filter causes the car to stall, but it runs well once cleaned. It spews quite a lot of smoke under acceleration, but the vehicle likely needs new oil and a bit more TLC to get it in tip-top shape. The alternator isn’t charging, the horn is non-functional, and the car keeps on running even with the key turned off (and removed), so clearly there is still some work left to do.