The Japanese body kit maker Liberty Walk specialises in giving cars wilder looks with wider wings/fenders and ground-scraping bumpers. It now applies that flamboyant style to the latest Nissan Z, and the result is as eye-catching as you'd expect.

Liberty Walk's body kit comes in six pieces. Starting at the front, there's a new bumper and fascia. Compared to the standard Nissan Z (see comparison below), the tuned car has a pointier nose, and the open portion now extends nearly the vehicle's entire width. There's also a new bonnet, with a shape similar to the stock part, but now there are vented portions near the A-pillars. The result is a much more aggressive look than from the factory.

Nissan Z Body Kit By Liberty Walk
2023 Nissan Z Exterior Front Quarter

Widened wings/fenders are a distinctive feature that Liberty Walk includes in many of its body kits, and this Z is no different. They feature exposed fasteners where the pieces attach to the vehicle's flanks. The ones at the rear taper inward along the back edge, which allows some of the tyre to peek out.

Nissan Z Body Kit By Liberty Walk
2023 Nissan Z Exterior Rear Quarter On Track

A three-piece rear spoiler attaches to the tip of the tail. It looks like a more aggressive take on what Nissan offers on the Z Nismo. The revised bumper places a simulated diffuser between the exhaust outlets.

To show off the body kit, Liberty Walk dresses up this Z with some additional aesthetic upgrades. It rides on eight-spoke wheels with a gunmetal finish in a style similar to the classic Minilite design. There are wider-diameter exhaust pipes with a blue hue for the tips. Inside, the company gives the car a set of Bride sport seats.

Gallery: Nissan Z Body Kit By Liberty Walk

The six-piece body kit costs $9,328 (approx. £7,650), according to Liberty Walk's page, to get the parts in fibreglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) or $11,583 (£9,500) for the components in carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP). A package without the wide wings/fenders is $6,578 (£5,400) in FRP or $8,833 (£7,245) CFRP.

If you like the orange colour on the Liberty Walk Z in these photos, We recently learned that a similar shade might be coming to the car's colour palette in the United States. We saw the vehicle in this pumpkin-y hue during a tour of Nissan's Heritage Museum in Japan.