We are happy to report that the electric estate segment will continue to grow with the addition of a brand-new product. Don’t get too excited if you live in the United States, however, as the Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer seen in the gallery here is most likely not heading to that side of the big pond. These are the first teaser images with the zero-emissions estate and more will be revealed in the coming months when we will also know the markets where the vehicle will be sold.

Following six decades of business in the estate segment, Volkswagen is finally ready to introduce its first all-electric station estate. The ID.7 will be the more practical version of the ID.7 saloon, which is now starting to arrive at the company’s showrooms in Europe. Featuring a sleek profile and an aerodynamically optimised body, the ID.7 Tourer will have a drag coefficient of 0.24, making it just minimally less streamlined than the electric saloon with a Cd of 0.23. 

Gallery: Volkswagen ID.7 Tourer (2024) Teaser

But people buy estates for their ability to carry more cargo. In the case of Volkswagen’s first CO-free estate, with five people on board, it will be able to swallow up to 545 litres (19.24 cubic feet) of cargo. Fold the rear seats down, and you’ll have up to 1,714 litres (60.52 cu ft) of volume. 

A quick comparison with the new Volkswagen Passat – another VW-badged estate the US is not getting – shows its electric counterpart is significantly smaller in terms of its boot capacity. In a five-seat configuration, the 2024 Passat – sold only as an estate – has 690 litres (24.3 cu ft) of cargo space. That expands to 1,920 litres (67.8 cu ft) when the rear bench is folded down, which represents a major increase of 140 litres (4.9 cu ft) compared to the previous Passat Variant.

There’s no information available regarding the powertrain options of the ID.7 Tourer but Volkswagen says the model rides on the company’s MEB platform. We believe the estate will mirror the electric powertrain of the ID.7 saloon, which means a rear-mounted electric motor with an output of 282 bhp. The ID.7 is currently sold with 77- and 89-kilowatt-hour batteries and a range of up to 430 miles measured by the WLTP. 

Just like the ID.7 saloon, the new estate variant will be manufactured at Volkswagen’s Emden plant in Germany. The automaker promises to release more information and fully revealing photos of the model in the coming months. The ID.7 Tourer should be at VW’s showrooms across Europe next year.