Tesla is trying to make its flagship duo, consisting of the Model S and Model X, more attractive with a new paint colour to boost weakening sales.

Let's recall that during the third quarter, global deliveries of the Model S and Model X were down by 14 percent year-over-year at 15,985. The nine-month result for 2023 is also in the red at 45,905 (down 7 percent year-over-year). In its best years, Tesla was selling about 100,000 units a year.

One of the solutions to make the Model S/Model X duo more attractive is the addition of new paint colours. In March, the company introduced a new Ultra Red paint colour.

In September, we reported that all optional paint colours became free, while the company applied significant price cuts, which even allowed one of the Model X versions to qualify for the federal tax credit in the US. There was one price increase for the Model X Plaid earlier this month, but overall, the offer is now pretty good compared to the previous months.

The latest move is the launch of a new Stealth Grey paint colour, which replaces the Midnight Grey. Tesla says that it's now available for the Model S and Model X in North America and Asia. Interestingly, Europe was not mentioned (despite all the cars coming from the same factory).

The other paint colours are Pearl White Multi-Coat, Solid Black, Deep Blue Metallic, and Ultra Red.


The Stealth Grey paint colour appears to be one of the most attractive but that's subjective, of course. It debuted on the Tesla Model 3 Highland version from the Giga Shanghai factory.

We can currently see many video examples of the Stealth Grey Model 3 (check out the one below), but we have to wait to see whether it will be the exact same colour on the Model S/Model X, or maybe slightly different with the same name.