Tesla appears to be working on a 'Sport' variant of the facelifted Model 3, information extracted from the automaker's latest software update shows.

Tesla hacker Green, aka @greentheonly on X, has discovered new details about an as-yet-unannounced trim of the Model 3 for the U.S. market. Green, who is constantly digging for new information by analysing Tesla's code in new software updates, found that the new Model 3 will be available in two trims, Base and Sport.

He also found photos that show the Sport version will have different front seats with increased side bolstering on both the seat cushion and the backrest, as well as bigger headrests that appear to be integrated into the seats in a similar fashion to bucket seats.

The rear seats of the Model 3 Sport have also been slightly updated and get a larger middle headrest, though that's something Tesla has already shown when it unveiled the Model 3 Highland in late August in Europe and other parts of the world – not the U.S., though.

Assuming the Model 3 Sport is a go-faster trim, this would be the first time Tesla updated the interior of a performance version.


The EV maker typically focuses on powertrain, suspension, and braking upgrades when it launches a performance variant such as the Model 3/Y Performance or Model S/X Plaid.

Of course, the Sport trim could simply be a styling package and not necessarily a performance model, in which case it would bring sports seats and hopefully a sportier body kit.

However, the 2024 Tesla Model 3 online configurator in Europe does not show these sports seats; both the Model 3 RWD and Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive variants feature the basic seats with no extra bolstering. Hopefully, the Sport will bring more than just sportier seats.

The new information about the Sport trim appears to tie in with what was discovered last week in the Tesla parts catalogue, namely that the EV maker is working on a performance version of the new Model 3. In addition to powertrain upgrades, this variant will bring sports suspension and brakes, new 19-inch Helix wheels, and a Ludicrous-style badge.

Earlier this year, Elon Musk denied categorically that Tesla is working on a Model 3 Plaid. While that may be the case, it doesn't rule out a more tame Model 3 performance variant; the Ludicrous-style badge in the leaked catalogue and the Sport trim uncovered by the Tesla hacker may hint exactly at that.