It may well be that the market is in crisis and manufacturers are trying to downsize their offerings, but looking at the calendar of new cars 2024, you would not think so. In fact, more than one manufacturer has to catch up after the slowdowns and delays caused by Covid and the component crisis, and this is one reason why 2024 will in fact be a year full of launches or landings.

In fact, we will witness the arrival on the road of several models already on order at the end of 2023, the launch of new ranges and models and, as is the recent trend, also the landing of new brands, including some from China. Here are them all broken down month by month . First though:

The 10 most anticipated new cars of 2022

  • Alfa Romeo B-SUV
  • Audi Q6 e-tron
  • Citroen e-C3
  • Dacia Duster
  • Ferrari hypercar
  • Fiat Panda
  • Lamborghini new Huracan
  • Lancia Ypsilon
  • Porsche Macan E
  • Renault Scenic E-Tech Electric

All new products 2024, month by month


The first month of the year will be the most 'loaded' with novelties, and this is not unusual, considering that quite a few models that have already been unveiled and can be ordered will actually arrive on the roads. Among these, although it will not be easy to see one given the small number of examples planned (just 33), is the new Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, the spiritual heir to the 1960s sports car, which will be available in V6 petrol or electric versions.

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, il dettaglio delle portiere

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

Mitsubishi ASX (2023)

Mitsubishi ASX

Foto - Renault Scenic E-Tech Electric

Renault Scenic E-Tech Electric

Moving down to less exclusive cars, we will see several restyling models at the start of the year, but also entirely new models such as the long-awaited Polestar 3, the Renault Scenic E-Tech Electric, the Volvo EX90 and the Zeekr X, while the non-electric (but hybrid) models will include the Mitsubishi Colt and ASX, rebadging Renault models, and the new Toyota C-HR.

  • Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
  • Audi Q4 e-tron/Sportback 2024
  • Honda CR-V
  • Hyundai Ioniq 5 N
  • Kia Picanto
  • Kia Sorento restyling
  • Mercedes EQA restyling
  • Mercedes EQB restyling
  • Mitsubishi Colt
  • Mitsubishi ASX
  • Peugeot 208 and e-208
  • Polestar 3
  • Renault Scenic E-Tech Electric
  • Toyota C-HR
  • Volkswagen T-Cross
  • Volvo EX90
  • Zeekr X


Not all of the new cars will be electric, but there are two rather interesting ones: the first is the smart #3, which joins the recently available smart #1, bringing the brand born with city cars to compete in higher segments. The other is the Volkswagen ID.7, the spiritual heir to the Passat saloon, which debuts in just one variant but is waiting to complete the range.

Photo - Alfa Romeo B-SUV, the render

Alfa Romeo B-SUV rendering

Foto - Lexus LBX (2023) Photogallery - Immagini

Lexus LBX

smart #3

smart #3

Among the hybrids, we have the unreleased Lexus LBX and the update of the ever-popular Toyota Yaris on the way, the reveal of the small Suzuki Swift and probably the Alfa Romeo B-SUV, on the same basis as the Jeep Avenger, and perhaps that of the Ferrari granturismo that will replace the 812 Superfast. The restyling of the Ford Kuga and the arrival of the new Mercedes AMG GT are also expected.

  • Alfa Romeo B-SUV
  • Audi Q8
  • Ferrari GT
  • Ford Kuga 2024
  • Lexus LBX
  • Mercedes-AMG GT
  • smart #3
  • Suzuki Swift
  • Toyota Yaris restyling
  • Volkswagen ID.7


March is also an interesting month, which will see another bit of news from Stellantis, starting with the new Citroen C3, recently unveiled and for now only electric, and continuing with the new Peugeot 3008, also electric for the first time, and the Fiat 600 in its hybrid petrol engine versions. The updated version of the Jeep Wrangler will also finally become available.

Citroën e-C3 (2024)

Citroën e-C3

Omoda C5

Omoda 5

Toyota Land Cruiser 2023

Toyota Land Cruiser

Hybrid or electric ranges will also be available for the revamped BMW X2 and the updated Volkswagen Golf, while on the diesel faithful front there will be the debut of the new Toyota Land Cruiser, with its strongly retro style. There will also be commercial debuts for Omoda 5, the brand's first model from Chery, for the updated Skoda Scala and Kamiq, and for AMG versions of the Mercedes GLC Coupé.

  • BMW X2/iX2
  • Citroen e-C3
  • Fiat 600
  • Jeep Wrangler 2024
  • Mercedes-AMG GLC Coupé
  • Omoda 5
  • Peugeot 3008
  • Skoda Scala restyling
  • Skoda Kamiq restyling
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Volkswagen Golf restyling


April is full of important debuts, from the highly anticipated Dacia Duster to the Volkswagen Tiguan via Mini Countryman, also electric, to the medium SUVs Hyundai Santa FeRenault Rafale and Skoda Kodiaq.

Ferrari hypercar new spy photo

The next Ferrari hypercar

Skoda Kodiaq (2024)

Skoda Kodiaq

Polestar 4

Polestar 4

The most exciting part, however, is the sports and super sports cars expected to be unveiled, such as the new 100% electric Porsche Boxster and the Ferrari hypercar, heir to the LaFerrari. Jaguar should also finally show us its first electric model, the SUV known for now as the J-Pace, while Polestar is preparing the interesting Polestar 4 coupe-crossover.

  • Dacia Duster
  • Ferrari Hypercar
  • Hyundai Santa Fe
  • Jaguar J-Pace
  • Mini Countryman
  • Polestar 4
  • Porsche Boxster
  • Renault Rafale
  • Skoda Kodiaq
  • Volkswagen Tiguan


The biggest highlights will be the presentation of the eagerly awaited new Lancia Ypsilon and the Maserati Quattroporte, the former also electric, the latter exclusively. The Lotus Emeya electric granturismo will also arrive.

Lotus Emeya (2024)

Lotus Emeya

MINI Cooper SE (2024)

MINI Cooper SE

Mercedes CLE Cabriolet

Mercedes CLE Cabriolet

On the road we will instead see the new Mini 3 door, the Mercedes CLE Cabriolet and the restyling of the BMW 4 Series, i4 and Cupra Leon.

  • BMW 4 Series/i4 restyling
  • Cupra Leon
  • Lancia Ypsilon
  • Lotus Emeya
  • Maserati Quattroporte
  • Mercedes CLE Cabriolet
  • Mini Hatch 3-door


Major launches for Audi, which breaks new ground with the Audi Q6 e-tron, the first to unveil the EPP platform, and for Range Rover, newly promoted to brand status, which debuts an electric version of its flagship model. MG is also celebrating the 100th anniversary of the brand's birth with the MG Cyberster electric roadster. 

Audi Q6 e-tron, gli interni del SUV elettrico

Audi Q6 e-tron

MG Cyberster al Salone di Shanghai

MG Cyberster

Volkswagen Passat Variant (2023)

Volkswagen Passat Variant

Otherwise, interesting estates emerge with the ninth-generation Volkswagen Passat, which will be Variant only, and the BMW 5 Series Touring. In addition, DS is expected to show a new model that will possibly replace the current DS9 saloon.

  • Audi Q6 e-tron
  • BMW 5 Series Touring
  • DS 9
  • Jecoo 7
  • Range Rover EV
  • MG Cyberster
  • Subaru Crosstrek
  • Volkswagen Passat Variant


Already announced for 11 July, the new electric hatchback derived from the Centoventi concept car will replace the Panda but will be slightly larger. It may even take its name.

Fiat Panda (2024), the render

Fiat Panda Centoventi (2024) rendering from

Aston Martin Vantage Volante new spy photo

Aston Martin Vantage Roadster restyling spy photo

New Hyundai Ioniq 5 Spy Shots

Hyundai Ioniq 5 spy photos of the restyling

However, we will also see the restyling of the Ford Puma and Hyundai Ioniq 5, the new generation Opel Grandland and the electric crossover Mini Aceman. There is curiosity also for the Honda S2000 heir.

  • Aston Martin Vantage restyling
  • Fiat Panda/Centoventi
  • Ford Puma restyling
  • Hyundai Ioniq 5 restyling
  • Honda S2000
  • Mini Aceman
  • Opel Grandland


The summer will see the long-awaited debut of the Cupra Tavascan electric SUV, but also the arrival of the new generation BMW X3, which will be followed by a new electric iX3.

Cupra Tavascan

Cupra Tavascan

2025 BMW X3 spy photo

New BMW X3 spy photo

Toyota BZ3

Toyota BZ3

In addition, the convertible variant of the new Mercedes CLE will hit the roads. The new generation of the Mazda MX-5 is also expected. The landing in Italy of the Toyota bZ3 electric saloon, already on sale in China, is also possible.

  • BMW X3
  • Cupra Tavascan
  • Mazda MX-5
  • Mercedes-AMG CLE
  • Toyota bZ3


Autumn promises more important news, starting with the eagerly awaited Porsche Macan E, which is built on the same basis as the Audi Q6 e-tron and, as the spy photos show, is now ready.

Porsche Macan EV Spy Photos

Porsche Macan EV spy photo

Hyundai Casper electric, the render of

Hyundai Casper electric rendering from

Opel Crossland (2024), the render by

Opel Crossland (2024) rendering by

Speaking of SUVs and crossovers, we will also see the new generation Opel/Vauxhall Grandland, but also the hybrid flagship Cupra Terramar and the small Hyundai Casper in an electric version.

  • Cupra Terramar
  • Hyundai Casper EV
  • Opel Crossland
  • Porsche Macan E
  • Volkswagen ID.7 Variant


Autumn will bring news among performance models at BMW, where restyling of the M3 and M3 Touring is expected, and at Mercedes, which is expected to launch AMG variants of the all-new E-Class.

BYD Seal U

BYD Seal U

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Facelift Spy Photos

Range Rover Evoque restyling spy photo

BMW M3 Restyling

BMW M3 Restyling

As for electrics, Range Rover is expected to double up by presenting the new battery-powered variant of the Evoque, while newcomer BYD will join the Seal with the Seal U SUV. The unveiling of the new Peugeot 5008, also electric, is also expected, but on the market around 2025.

  • BMW M3 and M3 Touring restyling
  • BYD Seal U
  • Range Rover Evoque 2024
  • Mercedes-AMG E-Class
  • Peugeot 5008


One of the most eagerly awaited novelties of the year is the revived little Renault 5, returning as an electric car, perhaps accompanied by the preview of the Renault 4, which will arrive later.

Renault 5 and Renault 4, the 2023 concept car

Renault 5 and Renault 4 concept cars 2023

Coppia di fondali angolati anteriori e posteriori per Audi A6 Avant E-Tron Concept Studio City

Audi A6 e A6 Avant e-tron Concept

New Nissan Micra, the render

New Nissan Micra rendering by

The new French car will bring with it at least another two derivative models, the Alpine-branded sports variant known as the Alpine A290, and the new Nissan Micra, which will share its base, but for these we should limit ourselves to the unveiling, with launch later. We will also see the all-new electric Audi A6 e-tron, also in an Avant version.

  • Alpine A290
  • Audi A6 e-tron
  • BMW M5 and M5 Touring
  • Nissan Micra
  • Renault 5 E-Tech



Slightly lighter, at least as far as we know to date, the month of December will not be short of interesting launches, however: we should see those of the electric off-road Jeep Recon and Mercedes EQG.

Jeep Recon 2025

Jeep Recon 2025

Lamborghini Huracan Successor Spy Shots

Lamborghini Huracan successor spy photos

Mercedes-Benz EQG Spy Photos

Mercedes EQG spy photo

Finally, there will be space for the new Citroen C3 Aircross, and for the debut of the heir to the Lamborghini Huracan

  • Citroen C3 Aircross
  • Jeep Recon
  • Lamborghini new Huracan
  • Mercedes EQG

New cars, brand by brand

If the calendar of new cars is not enough for you and you would like to delve deeper into the subject for each individual manufacturer, below you will find the list (constantly updated) of every article dedicated to the more than 50 brands we have 'mapped'.