Not to be confused with the arguably more exciting FT-Se, this new Toyota FT-3e is a more practical crossover that shares components with the electric sports car. It adopts avant-garde styling since it has been envisioned as a next-generation EV, although technical specifications remain shrouded in mystery. The angular styling with wide light bars and a "floating" roof spoiler makes it look like a bZ-badged electric crossover from 2030.

One of the FT-3e's party tricks is the implementation of external side screens in the doors that tell the driver and passengers the interior temperature, air quality, and the battery’s charge level. Those squares embedded into the B- and C-pillars are presumably sensors for fingerprint recognition. Eagle-eyed readers will notice the charging port is mounted in the left quarter panel rather than on the front wing/fender as is the case with the bZ4X.

Toyota FT-3e concept

The edgy concept has an almost flat roofline, which should translate to generous headroom for rear passengers. Since we mentioned the interior, we've counted no fewer than seven screens. Aside from the usual digital driver's display and the infotainment, there are two portrait-oriented screens to the left and right of the steering wheel. In addition, the cameras that have replaced the side mirrors send feed to two screens mounted at the bottom of the A-pillars while the interior rearview mirror is a screen as well.

That cutout in the dashboard is likely for a head-up display, and to its right, your destination address and estimated time of arrival are neatly displayed, along with the vehicle's current speed. The only switchgear we're able to notice is on the door cards but even those controls appear to be capacitive touch keys.

The Japanese automaker doesn't say whether there will be a subsequent production version of the FT-3e. The use of "FT" letters refers to "Future Toyota," but that doesn't necessarily mean it will happen soon. Going with "3" indicates this electric crossover is smaller than the bZ4X, which we'll remind you is 4,690 millimetres (184.6 inches) long.