For casual onlookers at the Japan Mobility Show, it may have appeared that a weird-looking UFO was about to land on a futuristic two-door coupe with thin headlights, a chunky body, and a wide stance. In reality, this is how Subaru elected to debut two vehicles at the show – one for the road, the other for the air. Say hello to the Sport Mobility and Air Mobility concepts.

For the record, Subaru makes no mention of the 1990s-era SVX with regards to the Sport Mobility Concept, but we sure see all kinds of similarities. Both are sizable two-door coupes with thin headlights. Both have a curious weirdness about them. And neither seems to fit cleanly into a specific automotive genre. For example, the Sport Mobility Concept doesn't ride quite as high as a typical crossover, but it has an odd ruggedness that sort of fits the bill. Is it a pure coupe? Is it a pure crossover? Does it somehow connected with the Air Mobility Concept and take off?

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The answer to that last question is no. These two concepts were presented together because each represents "more freedom in mobility." In that respect, the Sport Mobility Concept is billed as being a battery-electric car that's enjoyable to drive anywhere at any time, in any conditions.

Unfortunately, Subaru doesn't offer details as to exactly how the concept gets around town. But, we are told it features a low driving position with the seat mounted in the centre of the cockpit, all for the benefit of an enjoyable experience behind the wheel. That's an interesting choice for sure, and it's also weird ... like the SVX was back in the day.

Subaru Sport Mobility Concept

Speaking of SVX, this concept looks very long in profile and while the body panels are a bit chunky, the roof sits fairly low. The side glass doesn't have segmented windows like the SVX did, but the concept's wraparound windscreen creates a similar overall look. Blend it all together with the weird seating, goofy wheels, and thin headlights, and we have to think somebody on Subaru's design team had the early 1990s in mind while penning this machine.

The Sport Mobility Concept is billed as strictly a show model, so don't expect to see it enter production but it could influence future offerings. As for the Air Mobility Concept, it rocks six rotor blades surrounding a small cockpit. It's also strictly a concept, but Subaru does say engineers from aerospace and automotive divisions are collaborating to make flight demonstrations happen.