The first European deliveries of the updated Tesla Model 3, also known as “Project Highland” during development, are currently underway on the Old Continent, according to several social media posts from Germany and the Netherlands.

One post on X (formerly Twitter) from two days ago shows a black Model 3 Highland that was reportedly delivered to a German customer at Tesla’s delivery centre in Bielefeld, while two other posts from the Netherlands reveal several electric saloons heading toward Tesla locations and ultimately to their new owners.

The Dutch posts are from today, leading us to believe that the first customer to get his or her hands on the facelifted electric saloon is located in Germany, at least judging by what has been posted online. Who knows, maybe there’s somebody else who is already driving the Chinese-made EV but nobody snapped a photo.


In any case, it’s worth mentioning that folks in North America still have to wait to get the updated car, although we don’t know for how long. The Fremont Gigafactory, where the U.S.-spec Model 3 is made, was reportedly closed for upgrades earlier this year, hinting that the Austin-based manufacturer is preparing to launch the “Highland” EV here as well.

However, while people in the rest of the world can already configure the facelifted saloon on Tesla’s website and get a delivery estimate, Americans are stuck with the non-updated Model 3 with no word on when it will become available here.

At least two facelifted units were spotted on American roads on different occasions, and the folks at MotorTrend somehow got their hands on a pair of updated Model 3s in the United States, so it’s clear that Tesla is preparing to launch it here, we just don’t know when.

Revealed at the end of August, the refresh of Tesla’s most affordable car brings new headlights and tail lights, a more aerodynamic body, more sound deadening (which results in more comfort at high speeds), and a slightly revamped interior with ambient lighting, acoustic glass all around, and a new touchscreen display for the rear passengers akin to that fitted to the latest Model S and Model X.