On 23 October 2023, LiveWire officially announced details on its plans for the S2 Del Mar in the UK and three European countries. The Del Mar is LiveWire’s second electric motorcycle and is also its most affordable offering available at the time of writing. LiveWire officially spun off from parent company Harley-Davidson through a SPAC merger in early 2022.

As LiveWire did with the LiveWire One, it’s releasing an S2 Del Mar Launch Edition in limited numbers first, to be followed shortly thereafter by the S2 Del Mar mass production bike. Reservations for the S2 Del Mar Launch Edition will open at 4 p.m. Central European Time on 25 October 2023. Interested parties will be required to place a deposit of either €100 or £100 to hold their place in line. 

The S2 Del Mar has a claimed 3.0-second zero to 60 mph time, as well as boasting 194 pound-feet of torque. Top speed is listed as 163 kilometres per hour, or about 101 miles per hour. It produces a claimed 84 peak bhp, or 40 continuous horsepower. A fully adjustable Showa front fork and Showa Free Piston monoshock in the rear help riders dial in suspension settings to best suit their needs.  

Gallery: LiveWire S2 Del Mar

Unlike the LiveWire One, the LiveWire S2 Del Mar only offers L1 and L2 charging—no DC fast charging, which is presumably part of how it can keep costs lower on the S2 Del Mar.

According to the LiveWire team, it takes approximately 5.9 hours with a standard household plug to reach 80 percent of a full charge. If you’re able to utilize L2 charging, it takes just 78 minutes to reach 80 percent of a full charge. That said, real-world results will likely vary, because most of us have been so well-trained by our phones, tablets, and computers that we tend to rarely let our devices get dangerously low before plugging in.  

LiveWire S2 Del Mar Delivery Dates in Europe and the UK 

LiveWire says it plans to deliver the S2 Del Mar Launch Edition bikes to its European and UK customers sometime during Q1 of 2024. After delivering those bikes, it also plans to roll out the regular production run of the S2 Del Mar machines later in Q1 of 2024 as well. LiveWire S2 Del Mar powertrains are built at the Harley factory in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, and the full bikes are assembled at Harley’s York, Pennsylvania plant. 

A2 License Holders, Your LiveWire Is Here 

If you’re an A2 license holder in Europe or the UK, you may be pleased to know that the LiveWire S2 Del Mar is another motorbike that meets A2 licensing requirements. The same can’t be said of the LiveWire One, so if you’ve been curious about experiencing a LiveWire motorbike, this could be an option to consider. 

Pricing and Colors 

The LiveWire S2 Del Mar will launch in three colours in the UK and Europe. Choose from Nimbus Grey, Nightfall Blue, or Asphalt Black.

Pricing information for the LiveWire S2 Del Mar in Europe and the UK is as follows. All prices include applicable value-added tax (VAT): 

  • France: €18,690
  • Germany €18,490
  • Netherlands €18,790
  • UK £16,990