The wait is over: in 2024, Renault's electric range will finally begin to take shape with three of the most eagerly awaited innovations that will complete the entry-level range and, above all, give substance to the new direction set by the Renaulution plan.

The new Renault 5 and Renault 4 electric cars will make their long-awaited debut. This will be preceded by the launch of the Scénic, which will replace the Mégane in the compact segment. Before that, we will see the launch of the mid-size coupé SUV Rafale, which will complete both the Austral range and the range of sportier-looking models such as the Arkana.

Here's what's new from Renault for 2024:

Renault 4 E-Tech Electric

It will not arrive before then, in fact we will have to wait until 2025 to see it on the market, but in 2024 we should know its definitive appearance and features. The new Renault 4 will be a small electric crossover which, although it will share the base with the Renault 5, will be positioned slightly above it, embodying the more practical and 'multi-purpose' spirit, as opposed to the more urban spirit of the utility car.

Coches eléctricos, el plan del Grupo Renault hasta 2025

The Renault 4 E-Tech Electric has been previewed by two 4EVER concept cars that look like a small, tall, muscular SUV, but which nevertheless look like a very attractive design full of homages to its predecessor, from the front end to the shape of the pillars and the lights.

Renault 4EVER Trophy Blu Ile de France (2023)

Renault 4EVER Trophy Blu Ile de France (2023)

The production model should broadly confirm the features of the concept, i.e. a length of around 4.0 metres, a battery of just over 40 kWh and a 138 bhp electric motor.

Name Renault 4 E-Tech Electric
Bodystyle Crossover
Engine Electric
Arrival date Late 2024/2025 (launch)
Price n.a.

Renault 5 E-Tech Electric

After several concept cars, we will finally see the definitive version of the new Renault 5 electric in 2024. Heir to the ZOE, it will be positioned in the B-segment as the electric alter-ego of the Clio, and will therefore be around 4 metres long with a five-door body.

Prototipos del nuevo Renault 5 eléctrico

One of the new Renault 5 prototypes

More interesting, however, will be its market positioning: thanks to the use of the CMF-A modular platform and careful consideration of components such as batteries, motors, inverters and suspension, the new electric Renault 5 will be agile and dynamic, yet lightweight and with production costs low enough to offer a price point closer to that of conventional models.

Name Renault 5 E-Tech Electric
Bodystyle 5-door hatchback
Engine Electric
Arrival date Second half of 2024
Price n.a.

Renault Scenic E-Tech Electric

A year after its debut as a concept car at the Paris Motor Show, the new 100% electric Scenic showed its final form at the Munich Motor Show last September. At just under 4.5 metres long and with a boot capacity of almost 550 litres, it is notable for its extensive use of components from recycled materials.

Foto - Renault Scenic E-Tech Electric

Renault Scenic E-Tech Electric

It will be offered in two versions, one with a 60 kWh battery and 158 bhp engine and a more ambitious version with an 87 kWh battery and 215 bhp. Both will be front-wheel drive.

Name Renault Scenic E-Tech Electric
Bodystyle Compact MPV/crossover
Engine Electric
Arrival date April 2024
Price n.a.

Renault Rafale

The only non-electric newcomer announced for 2024 is the Renault Rafale, the mid-size coupé SUV that joins the Austral and Espace and completes the French SUV family. The Rafale has a length of 4.70 metres, a wheelbase of 2.74 and a boot of 530 litres.

Esterno Renault Rafale 2024

Renault Rafale 2024

The interior is very similar to that of the other two models, but the engine range is set to be higher: there is talk of hybrid powertrains, likely to include the new 197 bhp E-Tech, but there will even be a 296 bhp option for the top versions. The 4Control total steering system combined with multi-link rear suspension should be standard across the range. It will arrive in spring.

Name Renault Rafale
Bodystyle SUV coupé
Engines Hybrid and PHEV (to be confirmed)
Arrival date April 2024
Price n.a.


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