Formerly known as The Hut Group, Manchester-based THG is an e-commerce retailer selling its own brands, mainly in beauty and nutrition, as well as third-party goods.

Williams says that it shares with THG the “common values of being disruptors in their own fields through championing new technologies and innovating on what is traditionally possible.”

The arrangement with Williams involves three of THG’s global brands, two of which – Myprotein and Ingenuity - will have their logos on the cars and on drivers Alex Albon and Logan Sargeant.

Myprotein, the world’s leading online sports nutrition brand, has become the official nutrition partner, with the aim of improving human performance within the organisation.

Digital commerce brand Ingenuity is now an official technology and e-commerce partner of Williams, with the company noting that it will “integrate its data-driven approach, proprietary software and technology to manage the global fulfilment of Williams Racing merchandise for e-commerce, improving speed to market, customer loyalty and satisfaction, and overall efficiency.”

Williams FW43, United States GP livery

Sustainable solutions advisor THG Eco has become an official sustainability partner, with a view to measuring carbon usage, a key parameter for all F1 teams, especially in the build-up to the sport’s Net Zero 2030 target.

“We are thrilled to announce our global partnership with THG,” said team principal James Vowles. “Williams Racing has always been known as a disruptor in the racing world, including championing new technologies and challenging the status quo through innovation.

“We have found an equally future-focused and ambitious partner in THG, a British data-driven tech group and brand builder on the global stage, and we’re excited to take on this journey together.”

THG CEO Matt Moulding added: “In a world where nutrition fuels performance, technology drives innovation and sustainable practices protect our environment, THG is perfectly positioned to bring our expertise to F1 - the pinnacle of global motorsport.

“This partnership represents a merging of expertise to drive THG and Williams Racing towards a future defined by innovation and sustainability.”