The FIA has increased the maximum fine a Formula 1 competitor can be handed to one million euro, after concluding that the previous arrangement did not “reflect the current needs of motorsport”.

The fines increase has been made as part of an update to the governing body's International Sporting Code, which applies to all FIA championships and these have also received a fine hike in the adjustment.

Previously, the maximum amount FIA event stewards – who operate separately from the governing body after they have been appointed for individual events – could impose on a competitor was €250,000.

In the update announced following the FIA's latest World Motorsport Council event in Geneva, the maximum fine limit has been increased as it had "not been reviewed nor amended for at least the last 12 years and does not reflect the current needs of motorsport".

This is understood to refer to the increases in team and other organisations’ growth since 2011 – with F1 teams alone approaching values of $1 billion.  

The changes have increased the maximum fine for F1 competitors to €1,000,000, €750,000 for the other FIA world championships (World Rally, World Rally-Raid, World Endurance, World Rallycross and Formula E) and €500,000 for all other FIA championships, cups, trophies, challenges or series.

Sanctions including fines can be applied to any FIA event competitor – be they an individual driver, a team, or even an event.

A recent example of an event being investigated was the Australian Grand Prix Corporation earlier this season, when it was summoned to explain to the stewards how spectators had entered the track before the end of the race.

In another update that covers event organisers, the FIA has moved to tighten restrictions on "the unauthorised use of all pyrotechnical devices" – such as flares.

Fans throw flare, Max Verstappen at Ausrtian GP 2023

These have become a talking point at several F1 events in recent years, with the 2022 Dutch GP weekend being disrupted by several flares ending up inside the track area.

It is understood, however, that this update is not solely focused on F1 but also applied to consider events such as rallies, where smoke from flares may also cause problems for driver visibility as well as other event safety aspects.

"In October 2022, the Council of the European Union stressed the need to prevent and counter the use of pyrotechnics at sports venues," read the FIA statement.

"Following review of the situation in motorsport, it has been concluded that the unauthorised use of all pyrotechnical devices at races can pose significant public health and safety risks and, as such, should be prevented and countered.

"The [WMSC] therefore approved new provision and definition in the ISC prohibiting the unauthorised possession and use of pyrotechnics at FIA competitions."