The Toyota IMV 0 concept will be among the automaker's massive presence at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show. It's a modular electric vehicle platform that can function as a little truck or van, depending on the customer's needs.

Toyota's booth will include various takes on the IMV 0, which stands for International Multi-Purpose Vehicle 0. For example, there will be a mobile cafe, and a separate version will have a rear section with a huge vending machine dispensing capsule toys.

Gallery: Toyota IMV 0 Concepts

Screens around the booth will show other possible applications of this platform. The gallery below shows variants like a little cargo truck, a rugged ambulance, a sporty minitruck, an off-road-modified rig, and even a tiny camper.

Toyota didn't release any powertrain specs for the IMV 0. The vehicle measures 5,300 millimetres (208.7 inches) long, 1,785 mm (70.28 in) wide, and 1,740 mm (68.5 in) tall. The wheelbase is 3,086 mm (121.5 in). The standard cab fits two occupants, but some of the van variants appear capable of fitting more people.

Gallery: Toyota Rangga Concept

It appears that the IMV 0 is an evolution of the Toyota Rangga Concept (above) at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show in August. However, the version in Japan is coming in some additional variants like the mobile vending machine and the hardcore-looking off-roader.

When the Rangga concept debuted, Toyota said a production version would eventually come.

Toyota Baby Lunar Cruiser (BLC) Concept

Toyota Baby Lunar Cruiser (BLC) Concept

Toyota Kayoibako Concept

Toyota Kayoibako Concept

Toyota's designers have been really busy imagining vehicle concepts. For example, it came up with the Toyota Baby Lunar Cruiser that imagined an SUV with a blocky shape that would work on Earth or on the moon. 

If the Baby Lunar Cruiser isn't boxy enough for your tastes, check out the Kayoibako concept coming to the Japan Mobility Show. The cube-like shape includes small windows, making the concept appear even more monolithic. Toyota imagines this machine for jobs like shuttle services and last-mile cargo delivery. 

The Japan Mobility Show 2023 runs from Thursday 26 October through Sunday 5 November. will have folks there covering all of the extraordinary debuts.