We all know by now that Teslas improve over time via software updates, but less is known in regards to the success of Tesla's redesigns and new versions of its vehicles.

That's because Tesla takes its time to fully update its cars. In fact, there's still not a totally new version of a Tesla out there. Yes, the Model S got a significant facelift way back when, and now the Model 3 has an updated version that's often referred to as the Highland Model 3 but we've still yet to see an all-new version of an existing Tesla model.

So, how do we know if Tesla can successfully update its existing models? Well, one way to find out is to review the Highland Model 3 and compare it to the previous version. InsideEVs conducted such a review and found the new version to be significantly improved, despite only minor changes, and now it's time to turn to the UK's AutoTrader for its take on the refreshed Model 3.

AutoTrader states:

Rory reviews the new Highland evolution of the Tesla Model 3, with its fresh new interior and exterior design, extended range, and compelling new price. Is it any good?

AutoTrader first points out that the exterior of the car is a bit more attractive as compared to the outgoing Model 3. It has a more aerodynamic, sportier appearance, though it's still not the most stylish of cars, according to AutoTrader.

On the inside, the cabin is much quieter due to more insulation and the seats are more comfortable than in the past. The boot and frunk are both slightly bigger and the rear-seating area now has its own touchscreen.

Most of the changes are really quite minor, but the driving experience seems to be much improved. The steering feel is revised. However, it seems the most notable improvement is the way in which the new Model 3 absorbs impacts and isolates those from the occupants of the vehicle. As InsideEVs mentioned in its review of the Model 3 Highland:

Having then attached the suspension to the body with stiffer subframes and having chosen new bushings and different calibrations for the springs and dampers, the 2024 Model 3 isolates the passengers more from the outside, adding to the cabin's better sound insulation.

So, is it the best Model 3 ever? The answer seems to be a solid "yes." It's improved in many ways but don't expect an all-new feel here. It's still totally a Model 3, but better.

The new Model 3 Highland is currently in production at Giga Shanghai and is available in China and throughout much of Europe. Its US release is still looming and an exact date for its launch here is unknown at this time.

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