Our latest look at the upcoming, hotter variant of the Alpine A110 reveals that Formula One driver Esteban Ocon is testing the vehicle at the Nürburgring. CarSpyVideo timed the lap and figured out the model got around the 'Ring in 7 minutes and 18.77 seconds.

Ocon was testing during the industry pool testing period, meaning he wasn't the only vehicle on the track at the time. This suggests that he could possibly go even faster on an empty track where he doesn't have to deal with traffic.

The Formula One driver pushes the meaner A110 hard, even with other cars in the way. He takes an aggressive line through the corners, and you can hear the tyres screaming at times.

Also, it looks like Ocon did several laps. The track sometimes looks sunny in the video. At other times, he has the headlights on, and the lamps shine off the asphalt.

To put the 7:18.77 time into perspective, Chevy recorded the 2012 Corvette ZR1 lapping the course in 7:19.63.

Gallery: Hotter Alpine A110 Spy Photos

This isn't our first time seeing the hotter A110. Previous spy shots (above) provide a closer look at the vehicle. Its official model name still remains a mystery.

The meaner Alpine has a front fascia similar to the R trim but adds canards to the corners. The bonnet gains large openings near the windscreen. The suspension appears to be lower than existing variants. This car rides on black wheels with Y-shaped spokes and blue calipers behind them. The stoppers have been red in the previous spy shots.

The back features a panel with a central fin over the rear window. The wing is bigger than the one on the A110 R, including larger endplates. The diffuser and exhaust appear to come from the existing R.

We don't know anything about the powertrain for the A110. The existing R features a turbocharged 1.8-litre four-cylinder that produces 296 bhp and 250 pound-feet of torque. This is enough muscle to reach 62 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 177 mph.

There are no good images inside this hotter A110. The R grade already offers an aggressive setup with carbon-fibre seats and six-point harnesses.

A debut date for this hotter Alpine is still a mystery, but this video suggests the premiere might accompany a hot lap around the 'Ring by Ocon. For reference, the R variant debuted in October 2022.

Ocon drives for the BWT Alpine F1 Team. As of this story's publication, he's in 12th place in the 2023 World Drivers' Championship standings. Last year, he finished in eighth place in the ranking with 92 points.

See the Alpine A110 R's debut: