The Mercedes-AMG One hypercar is a masterpiece of automotive engineering. With a combined system output of 1,063 bhp, a turbocharged petrol engine, and four electric motors, this supercar represents the pinnacle of the Affalterbach-based firm’s potential. Now, in a new collaboration between Mercedes-AMG and CaDA, a faithful 1:8 scale replica of this incredible car has been brought to life, made up of an astounding 3,295 interlocking building blocks.

Designed by the talented BrunoJJ1 – a designer who builds Lego and other block cars – it captures every distinctive line and hallmark of the original model. From the iconic longitudinal fin to the retractable rear wing and the 10-spoke wheels with Michelin-patterned tyres, every detail has been meticulously recreated.

Gallery: Mercedes-AMG One 1:8 scale model

But the beauty of this model isn't just skin-deep. Measuring 56.9 centimetres (22.4 inches) in length, 24.3 cm (9.6 in) in width, and 16 cm (6.3 in) in height, it impresses with a high level of detail both inside and out. What sets it apart is its impressive functionality. It is fully motorised, boasting independent front and rear suspension, shock absorbers, and working LED lighting. The model's engine is a replica of the original six-cylinder mill, and the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) is ingeniously simulated with pullback motors.

The advanced drivetrain of the model mirrors that of the full-sized AMG One, thanks to two L-motors that can be controlled separately via the included remote control. The model even features a two-speed transmission, a rare and remarkable feature in the world of interlocking building block sets. With the remote control, you can make the model move forward and backward, turn right and left, and even control the speed and lighting. The doors open at the touch of a button.

The world of 1:8 scale models features some of the most realistic cars on the toy market today. Just recently, we shared a remarkably accurate Ferrari 296 GTS scale model that takes 300 hours To build and costs £12,000. If you are a fan of vintage cars, then the DeLorean BTTF RC car we wrote about in August should be worth taking a look at.