How important is boot capacity when choosing a car? If we are talking about sports cars, perhaps not so much, but for all other vehicles it is certainly one of the requirements that buyers take into account. Especially now that, with rising prices, many are forced to opt for a smaller model.

In fact, a closer look at the European sales results for the first half of 2023 reveals that many of the most successful cars also have ample cargo capacity. Here are the top 25 best-sellers. 

Segment A - Urban - Fiat Panda

There are only two models around 3.6 metres in the top 25 best-sellers in Europe. Both carry the Fiat brand. However, the Panda and the 500 are not the most spacious in their segment.

The Panda is considered one of the most successful and versatile cars on the market, but its boot is only 225 litres, while competitors such as the Hyundai i10, Kia Picanto and Toyota Aygo X Cross, with a similar length, exceed 250 litres.

Fiat Panda City Life 2020

Fiat Panda 2020

Fiat Panda

Maletero del Fiat Panda

Outside the rankings is the Fiat 500, which is notable for its retro looks, but with three doors and only 185 litres of boot space is not among the most practical or spacious cars in the A-segment.

Car Sales position Europe Length Boot
Fiat Panda 23 3.65 metres 225 litres
Fiat 500 8 3.57 metres 185 litres

Segment B - Utility cars - Dacia Sandero

The king of the utility cars is the one with the most generous dimensions. We are talking about the Dacia Sandero, which is in second place in the overall sales ranking thanks to its competitive price, but also because of its more than 400 litres of boot space.

Nuova Dacia Sandero (2020)

Dacia Sandero 2020

Dacia Sandero 2020

Maletero del Dacia Sandero 2020

The Romanian car is followed by two real institutions, the Renault Clio and the Volkswagen Polo, which are just over 4 metres long and offer between 350 and 400 litres of luggage space.

Car Sales position Europe Length Luggage compartment
Dacia Sandero 2 4.08 metres 410 litres
Renault Clio 6 4.05 metres 391 litres
Volkswagen Polo 21 4.07 metres 351 litres
Opel Corsa 5 4.06 metres 309 litres
Peugeot 208 4 4.05 metres 309 litres
Citroën C3 20 3.99 metres 300 litres
Toyota Yaris 11 3.94 metres 286 litres

Urban SUV segment - Dacia Duster

The dimensions of the Dacia Duster are very close to those of a compact model, although in other respects, such as price, it looks like an urban SUV. The same is true for the third-placed Volkswagen T-Roc, which was also the third most popular model on the continent, and is based on the same base as the Golf.

Volkswagen T-Roc 2022

Volkswagen T-Roc 2022

Volkswagen T-Roc 2022

Maletero del Volkswagen T-Roc 2022

Foto - Dacia Duster (2023), la prova nel deserto

Dacia Duster 2023

Ford EcoSport vs Ford Puma

Ford Puma

Ford Puma

Maletero del Ford Puma

In terms of boot space, the title of king would go to the Ford Puma, undoubtedly the one of the three with the most space in relation to the length of 'only' 4.19 metres.

Car Sales position Europe Length Boot
Dacia Duster 10 4.34 metres 478 litres
Ford Puma 17 4.19 metres 456 litres
Volkswagen T-Roc 3 4.23 metres 445 litres
Peugeot 2008 12 4.30 metres 434 litres
Renault Captur 15 4.23 metres 420 litres
Toyota Yaris Cross 7 4.18 metres 397 litres

Segment C - Compact - Volkswagen Golf

There are only three compacts among the top 25 best-selling cars in Europe in mid-2023. Here, we should pay attention to the Volkswagen Golf, which has never been one of the most generously sized C-segment cars, but in proportion, it has always had a good load volume.

Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf

Maletero del Volkswagen Golf

Behind it, practically on equal terms, is its 'cousin', the slightly longer Audi A3 Sportback. Rounding out the podium is the Toyota Corolla.

Car Sales position Europe Length Boot
Volkswagen Golf 9 4.28 metres 381 litres
Audi A3 Sportback 25 4.34 metres 380 litres
Toyota Corolla 22 4.37 metres 361 litres

Compact SUV segment - Volkswagen Tiguan

The next generation of the Tiguan, due in 2024, will have an even bigger boot (up to 652 litres), but for the moment the current Tiguan is already the most spacious of the compact SUVs favoured by the European public.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2020

Volkswagen Tiguan 2020

Volkswagen Tiguan

Maletero del Volkswagen Tiguan

In fact, it measures just over 4.5 metres, but offers more than 600 litres. Behind it are a couple of successful Korean models, the Kia Sportage (the best-selling C-segment SUV in Europe) and the Hyundai Tucson.

Car Sales position Europe Length Boot
Volkswagen Tiguan 18 4.51 metres 615 litres
Kia Sportage 13 4.51 metres 587 litres
Hyundai Tucson 16 4.50 metres 546 litres
Nissan Qashqai 19 4.42 metres 504 litres
Ford Kuga 24 4.63 metres 475 litres

D-segment - Sedans and estate cars - Skoda Octavia

At almost 4.7 metres in length, the Skoda Octavia has moved into the D-segment, also in terms of interior space and boot space. In the case of the estate Combi, it offers a magnificent 640 litres of load volume, but the saloon is no slouch, declaring 600. 

Skoda Octavia Combi

Skoda Octavia Combi

Nuevo Skoda Octavia Wagon: coche del mes

Maletero del Skoda Octavia Combi

The Skoda Octavia Combo is 100 litres more than several longer models, such as the BMW 3 Series, Peugeot 508 SW and Volvo V60. Basically, only the Volkswagen Passat Variant, which measures 4.77 metres, beats it. Naturally, it is also the most spacious car among the 25 best-selling cars in Europe in the first half of 2023.

Car Sales position Europe Length Boot
Skoda Octavia Combi 14 4.68 metres 640 litres

Midsize SUV segment - Tesla Model Y

The best-selling car in Europe is also the only 100% electric car in the ranking, it is the largest at 4.75 metres long and, if it weren't for the Skoda Octavia Combi, it would also be the largest with a boot of 600 litres. We are talking about the Tesla Model Y, last in order of arrival but first in global preferences.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y

Maletero trasero del Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y, maletero delantero

Maletero delantero del Tesla Model Y


In fact, the Californian company's SUV could be considered by far the most spacious car in the ranking, also taking into account the large 117-litre front boot with which the total available volume rises to 717 litres.

Car Sales position Europe Length Boot
Tesla Model Y 1 4.75 metres 600 litres