Mini 's 2024 novelty list is essentially identical to the previous year's as expected. Indeed, the British manufacturer has spent a preparatory 2023, culminating in the premiere of the first two new-generation models, namely the classic 3-door Mini and the Countryman, which will go on sale next year.

For the third in the line-up, the unreleased Aceman crossover, 2024 will be the year of the reveal, although an early sneak peek cannot be ruled out entirely, but here the timeframe for the actual launch is longer as the company plans to have it in production by 2025. The possibility of other models, such as the 5-door Mini, has not been ruled out, but is still under wraps.

Here, then, are the new Mini models for 2024:

Mini Cooper 3-door

We start with the classic model to present the new generation of the Mini, which at least in this version (the detailed dimensions of which have not yet been released) seems to have broadly maintained the size of its predecessor, with length under 3.9 metres and perhaps a few cm more width. 

What is really new about the small hatchback is its design: it sports somewhat squarer lines, a fairing grille (at least on the electric model, the first to appear)  a light signature with horizontal LEDs, and rear lights with a new cut. And even the interior is classic in its lines but more high-tech, sporting 100 per cent digital instruments.

Mini Cooper Elettrica (2024)

Mini Cooper SE 2024

Two variants are announced for the electric version of the three-door Mini, the Cooper E with 40 kWh battery pack and 181 bhp, and the new Cooper SE, which will instead have a 54 kWh battery pack and a 215 bhp electric motor for a final range of 249 miles (402 km). However, there will also be a range with petrol engines, the details of which are not yet known, except for the fact that there will be no manual gearboxes.

Name Mini 3-door
Bodywork 3-door saloon
Engines Petrol, diesel (to be confirmed), electric
Arrival date Mid-2024 (launch)
Prices -

Mini Aceman

It will be positioned between the 5-door Mini and the Countryman, with a sleek but spacious body, and will be purely electric: this is what we know at the moment about the third newcomer for 2024, the crossover anticipated by the Aceman concept car (name now given as definitive) whose masked prototypes have actually been around for quite some time.

MINI Aceman, le foto spia col nuovo wrapping

MINI Aceman, spy photos with new wrapping

The Aceman is expected to be compact in size, according to the first semi-official information. It will be 4.05 metres long (practically the same as the Jeep Avenger) and 1.59 metres high, with the same two battery packs as the Mini Cooper E and SE, i.e. 40 and 54 kWh batteries and power outputs of 152 and 215 bhp for a range of 186 miles (300 km) to just under 249 miles (400 km). We will see it in final form, barring previews, in 2024 and on the road the following year. 

Name Mini Aceman
Bodywork 5-door crossover
Engines Electrics
Arrival date 2024 (presentation)
Prices -

Mini Countryman.

 Unveiled in Munich alongside the three-door hatchback, the new Mini Countryman has bigger dimensions than its predecessor. Length has increased further to four and a half metres (now 4.43 metres), width has risen to 1.84 metres and even height has increased to 1.66 metres, six centimetres more than the previous model, while the boot space has grown to 460 litres. Despite this, however, aerodynamics are much better and the CX drops from 0.31 to 0.29.

Mini Countryman SE All4 (2024)

Mini Countryman SE All4 (2024)

The platform is the same as the new BMW X1, a platform defined as multi-energy that can accommodate petrol and diesel mild hybrid engines, plug-in hybrids and 100 percent electric powertrains. For the latter, two versions are announced, one with front-wheel drive and 201 bhp and one with two engines and all-wheel drive and 309 bhp, with ranges of 462 and 433 km respectively. Launch expected in the first half of 2024. Also planned, and already partly unveiled, is the JCW.

Name Mini Countryman
Bodywork Compact SUV
Engines petrol, petrol plug-in hybrid, diesel, electric
Arrival date First half 2024
Prices To be announced

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