Formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show, this year's Japan Mobility Show is shaping up to be quite exciting as many domestic automakers will be there to unveil interesting concepts. Subaru has announced its presence at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition centre to show the Solterra, Crosstrek, and two versions of the newly launched Layback, one of which will be fully accessorised. In addition, a Forester special edition will attend the show.

The real highlight at Subie's booth won't be the Layback jacked-up estate but rather this intriguing Sport Mobility Concept. It appears to be a two-door coupe with futuristic styling, square wheel arches, and cameras instead of side mirrors. Representing the company's badge, the cluster of six stars part of the Taurus constellation lights up. We can also notice illuminated C-shaped elements at the top of the windscreen, presumably related to driver assistance systems and self-driving tech.

Technical specifications are shrouded in mystery, but Subaru does say the concept has a purely electric drivetrain. We're being told the Sport Mobility Concept delivers the "pleasure of going anywhere, anytime, and driving at will in everyday to extraordinary environments." The "anywhere" part could be a subtle hint of all-wheel drive, which would imply a dual-motor setup. Whatever this is, it "evokes the evolution of the Subaru Sport values."

We'll know what’s what on 25 October when Subaru will hold a press conference on the first press day of the Japan Mobility Show, which will open its doors to the public on the 27th. The show will end on 5 November. Speaking of Sport-badged cars, Honda is also attending the event to introduce the Specialty Sports Concept.

The old Tokyo Motor Show was jam-packed with concepts but few have seen the light of production day, and this tradition is likely going to continue with the renamed show.