Two Tesla Cybertruck release candidate (RC) units were spotted several times in the Mexican state of Baja California earlier this week sporting graffiti-like side decals and what appears to be a SpaceX Starlink internet satellite dish mounted on the roof of one of the pickups.

The all-electric duo was first spotted in Mexico at a resort in Ensenada, where they were topping up their batteries, and then on the outskirts of the municipality, as shown in the TikTok video embedded below.


We don’t know why the two Cybetrucks headed south, but it may just be another round of real-world testing for the yet-to-be-delivered vehicle. Previously, prototypes of the truck were seen as far as Alaska and New Zealand undergoing cold weather testing.

As for the apparent Starlink internet dish, it’s possible that the team was testing the pickup’s ability to integrate with the SpaceX service, offering on-the-go connectivity wherever Starlink has coverage. By the looks of it, the roof-mounted accessory seems to be a Flat High Performance dish that’s designed to be permanently attached to a vehicle, offering broadband internet access at speeds of up to 220 Mbps.


The side-mounted graffiti-like decals are also something new, hinting once again that Tesla might offer an official, in-house wrapping and decal service. Previously other Cybertruck pre-production units were seen sporting wraps that resembled a Ford F-150 and a Toyota Tundra, as well as other designs.

Tesla’s first-ever battery-powered pickup was revealed in 2019 and was supposed to go into production several times in the last two years. The latest estimated date for delivery – the end of the third quarter – came and went, making us wonder when the vehicle will finally get into the hands of reservation holders.